Pregnant Woman Tracks Down Police Officer on Facebook After He Buys Her Gas

Pregnant Woman Tracks Down Police Officer on Facebook After He Buys Her Gas

This is what a truly good person does… an officer overheard this young woman on the phone with her fiance, discussing scraping enough money together for gas. She’s 26 weeks pregnant. The officer didn’t say a word or turn around… he simply paid for her gas and left. He was gone by the time Alex realized what he had done and ran out after him. Even after she tracked him down on Facebook, he would not reveal his name. The police department put it on their Facebook page though and I’m glad they did. True Christian charity with no desire of recognition. Another officer who serves and protects selflessly.

Cop Buys Gas

From LiftBump:

A Forsyth County, Georgia, police officer has made waves after his actions towards a pregnant woman at a gas station made it onto social media.

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It all started when the woman posted this story, in an effort to find and thank the officer:

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The young woman, identified as Alex Davis, explained, in part:

“My fiancee and I are living paycheck to paycheck as I am 26 weeks pregnant, and he is looking for a better job. I was supposed to pay my mom back $100, but she told me to save it for when I’m on maternity leave for 6 weeks. I planned on not touching it unless absolutely necessary…”

However, gas to make it home qualifies as one of those “absolutely necessary” expenses.

She continued:

“As I went inside Chevron and was standing in line waiting to pay for my gas, my fiancee calls me. He asked where I was at, and I simply said, ‘Well I was scraping for money in my car so I could put some more gas into it. I need gas to get home tonight.’”

She said the deputy, who has wished to remain anonymous, must have overheard her on the phone and decided to take action:

“There was a cop (I believe Forsyth County) standing in front of me. I was talking away on the phone and didn’t even realize what was happening. The cop that was in front of me must have heard my conversation, and he paid for my gas!!!! As I ran out the store to thank him, he had already hopped in his truck and didn’t even look back!”

Alex was touched by the gesture, explaining how much it meant to her:

“I know this seems like not a big deal for a cop just paying for my gas, but this brought tears to my eyes…He has blessed my family today, and I am going to pay it forward tomorrow with the $10 I was going to put in my car.”

The story eventually made its way to the Forsyth County Sheriff’s Office, who issued the following post in response:

Cop Buys Gas

According to the anonymous deputy:

“She just seemed like she needed some help. It was the right thing to do.”

A spokesman for the Forsyth County Sheriff’s Office explained that the deputy is “a very good guy” who has been with the force for “about 12 or 13 years.”

Alex was shocked and it brought tears to her eyes that this officer who did not even know her would be so kind. When you live paycheck to paycheck and are expecting, every penny counts. What might seem like a small thing to many, meant the world to her. All the anonymous deputy would say is that she seemed to need help and it was the right thing to do. If only everyone would just do the right thing like this, our country would be well on the way to righting itself. Now, Alex will have a little more to see her through her maternity leave and she will always remember the faceless officer who did her a kindness when she least expected it.

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