Down Syndrome Teen Goes to Prom, Instantly Warms Everyone’s Heart

Down Syndrome Teen Goes to Prom, Instantly Warms Everyone’s Heart

It can be extremely hard for a person with a disability to find a date to Prom. Not only did Mallory Hughes do it, but she inspired THOUSANDS in the process.


From Rare:

Mallory Hughes of Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania had always dreamed of attending her senior prom.

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As a senior at Meyers High School, her good friend Zach Rattigan was destined to make that dream come true.

“Every day at lunch she comes over, gives me hugs and says, ‘Hey, Zach, my brother,’ and I always see her in the hall and say, ‘Hey, Mal,’ and give her a hug,” he told WNEP-TV.

Hughes has down syndrome. She was delighted to attend prom with Zach.

“It’s amazing because she’s awesome, and I’d be lucky to have her as a sister,” said Zach.

A person identified as “Rose Yanko” on Facebook posted a picture of the happy couple with the following caption:

Mallory and Zach at Meyers high school prom…turns out they were voted honorary prom queen and king! Zach loves his BFF so much, his sweet girlfriend, Devin, stayed home but helped Zach get dressed in his tux so Mal and Zach could enjoy her prom…❤️❤️❤️#QueenForTheNight. How many “likes” can they get??? Help them get on The Ellen Show!!! Give her something to remember and bring awareness to Down’s syndrome!!! News flash!!! Tonight, which is Thursday, Mal and Zach will be on channel 16 news!!! An interview regarding their prom experience!! NEPA viewers!!!! Tune in to see our local sweeties!!!!

Every girl deserves to be treated like a Princess and this guy is truly amazing for making that happen for this very special young lady.

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