The Events That Transpire After Cops Pull A Couple Over Leaves This Woman Absolutely Stunned: ‘Oh My God!’ [Video]

Now that’s funny and priceless. She looked like she could kill him when she found out he was surprising her with the offer of a lifetime, but instead she laughed and said ‘yes.’ For their part, the two officers were extremely convincing. It really looked like the young man was in trouble and they were going to be arrested. Absolutely flawless. What a wonderfully memorable marriage proposal it was! And two wonderful police officers got to help pull it off.

From TheBlaze:

Two Michigan officers pulled over a couple in Royal Oak last month and immediately ordered the driver and passenger to step out of the vehicle — but this was no ordinary traffic stop.

Dashcam footage released by the police department revealed that the driver was in on the stop. In fact, he had asked the officers to pull him over.

Why? So he could propose to his girlfriend of two years.

The Royal Oak Police Department explained the significance of the date and method in which the man proposed.

On April 17, 2013, a young man was pulled over by a Royal Oak Police officer while on his first date with a young woman.

Two years later to the day, he asked the ROPD for help with his marriage proposal to that very same young woman.

Royal Oak police were happy to accommodate him.

The surprise proposal caught the woman off guard.

“Oh my God!” she shouted when she realized what was going on.

After the man made things official and got down on one knee, his girlfriend said yes to the proposal.

This totally surprised and shocked the young woman. It was just that good. He proposed to her on the day that they went on their first date two years previously and were pulled over by the police. This time, the police pulled him over again, but for a good cause, not a violation. Her expression when she realized what was going on was priceless. Her now fiancee, got down on one knee and made it official with two witnesses in blue. Now that’s what I call a traffic stop. I bet these officers laughed about this for the rest of the day. As far as surprises go, this was one of the best.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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