[VIDEO] Girl’s Rendition of Our National Anthem Will Knock Your Sock’s Off!

[VIDEO] Girl’s Rendition of Our National Anthem Will Knock Your Sock’s Off!

Proof positive that physical disabilities do not always indicate mental abilities or limitations. Maralana VanHoose WOWS the audience with her amazing verison of the national anthem. From TPNN:


But the real crowd pleaser may have been 18 year old Marlana VanHoose, whose rendition of The Star Spangled Banner set the crowd on fire.

Born with cerebral palsy, without a fully formed optic nerve, VanHoose has never been able to see, so she was unable to witness the crowd erupt in applause after she took the stage at the Kentucky Galt House Hotel.

Doctor’s had predicted that she would not make it past her first birthday,

According to her website, “Marlana was humming “Jesus loves me” before she talked and by the time she was 2 years old she taught herself to play the piano.” She has also sung the national anthem at sporting events and has been featured on ESPN.

Thankfully, the gifted teen who defied all odds could hear the cheers and chants of USA! USA! USA! after her awe-inspiring performance.

How amazing is this girl’s voice? She certainly is amazing, and I hope to see more of her in years to come!

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