An Interview With Colorado Governor Candidate Tom Tancredo: “President Obama is more dangerous than any foe we face or have faced because he is in the Oval Office.”

Denver, Colorado: Tom Tancredo is a man famous for ignoring conventional wisdom and attracting controversy. He is probably best known for his run for President in 2008 where he ran almost solely against amnesty for illegal immigrants. The old media labeled Tancredo a racist and an extremist for his hardline stance to secure the border and enforce the law. It’s one of those “politically incorrect” positions held by a majority of people in this country.

Tom Tancredo / Dustin Stockton

Currently running for Governor of Colorado Tancredo is embroiled in a four way dog fight for the Republican nomination that appears to be between Tancredo and establishment candidate Bob Beauprez. The primary is June 24th and most indicators show Tancredo with a lead that is somewhere between slim and comfortable.:  As a result of his lead, he is drawing negative ads from his wealthy self funding opponent and outside establishment groups that have taken a toll in his polling.

In a relaxed setting I sat down with Tancredo and had a serious discussion about America’s precarious position and what he would do as Governor. He was tough, making it clear that he would challenge the administration, the BLM, or any other agency that strayed outside their constitutional bounds. He said he would actually welcome the confrontation. He is tired of the blatant disregard for the law and the constitution that is rampant in all levels of government. He’s game for an Article 5 and wants control of Colorado territorial land back from the B.L.M and Washington, DC. How bad have things gotten: “President Obama is more dangerous than any foe we face or have faced because he is in the Oval Office.”

The standard political labels don’t stick to Tancredo because of his unique combination of policy positions. His platform meshes ideas from libertarians, conservatives, independents, democrats, republicans, and anything else he finds practical, logical, and constitutional. As one local put it, “John McCain called himself a maverick?!? Tom Tancredo, he’s a maverick”

Staying true to his unorthodox reputation, I meet the former Congressman at a chill little place called The Source in Denver. It’s the kind of place that makes me nostalgic for cities like Portland and Seattle with a variety of bars, shops, and boutiques. It wasn’t your typical political interview setting.

One of the most entertaining portions of the interview were his recollection of interactions with Speaker Tom “the hammer” Delay during his time in Congress. “He would pull me into his office and stick his finger right in my face and he’d tell me, ‘Tom how many times do I have to tell you, stop voting against us, it’s causing major problems.’ Then you know what he told me?!? ‘If you keep this up you’re going to ruin your career in this place.’ What he doesn’t get is that I don’t want a career in this place, I hate this place. You don’t have anything I want so you don’t have any leverage on me. Boy that really fired him up.” After the exchange escalated Tancredo says, “I walked straight down stairs to the ethics office and put it on the record.” Delay would eventually be convicted and then have his conviction overturned for similar encounters.

Colorado has become one of the largest battle ground states receiving big attention and big dollars from political strategists in both parties. Michael Bloomberg, George Soros, and the rest of the organized left have spent millions and successfully changed Colorado from red to blue. “They understand that how Colorado goes, the west will follow. We’re on the front lines on the battleground for the soul of America and we’re at war with foreign money out to fundamentally transform America.”

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