Interview with Brigitte Gabriel

Brigitte Gabriel, author of the bestseller,: “They Must be Stopped,”: and founder of: ACT! For America, was gracious enough to take some time to talk to me about her book, which was published just last month.

Favazza: Your book outlines some of the ways in which the Muslim Brotherhood plans to establish an Islamic government in North America and implement Sharia law. In their efforts to implement this plan, what has been the most damaging effect thus far—and what is the single most dangerous effect to come?

Gabriel: One of the most damaging effects of the implementation of the Muslim Brotherhood project is the slow islamization of the west in the name of multi-culturalism, tolerance, and diversity. The Muslim Brotherhood has crafted a master piece of a plan to infiltrate and dominate the West and “establish an Islamic government on earth.” The plan was written in 1982 and since then we can see how far they have advanced just by looking at Europe and how the continent has morphed in the last 30 years from Europe into becoming Eurabia.

The Muslim Brotherhood project is unusual because it includes methods other than violence to implement cultural Jihad. This plan relies on the non-Muslim population to unsuspectingly endorse and embrace it in the name of multiculturalism and freedom of religion.

Just two weeks ago Sharia law became officially recognized Islamic court governing Islamic affairs in England parallel to British courts. The Muslims were able to do that without even having to go to war with Britain. As a result of the implementation of this Sharia Islamic court, British Muslim girls now can get married off at the age of 9 years old. Women can be beaten, raped, and even killed in the name of honor in Britain in the 21st century. We are seeing the acceptance of pedophilia in the name of religion. We are seeing the allowance of rape, physical abuse, and in some cases death in the Islamic communities in Britain be allowed in the name of multiculturalism and tolerance.

What is frightening is this type of infiltration is becoming a reality not only in Britain but also in the United States. Who would have thought that sharia would come to Harvard University, which in 2007 regulated “women-only” gym hours. An Imam in Des Moines, Iowa, gave an opening prayer at the 2008 Iowa legislative session, in which he called on Allah to “give us victory over those who disbelieve” — meaning victory over us “Infidels.” Muslim taxi drivers in Minnesota are refusing to pick up passengers carrying alcohol. The first Islamic public school (Khalil Gibran Academy) in New York opened in Sharia law operate in many parts of the United States. American colleges are designating Islamic prayer rooms on college campuses for use by Muslims only. These are only few examples of what I see as a cultural Jihad in America. This situation is becoming so worrisome because this is exactly how Islam started spreading in Europe until the Europeans have resigned to accept that Islam is dominating the continent to the point where Sharia law is now operating in Europe. The archbishop of canterberry wasn’t so far off when he said earlier this year that Sharia law is inevitable in England. If we do not wake up here in America , Sharia law will be coming to a neighborhood near you.

Favazza: Why are madrassas a threat to the safety and security of the United States and the world at large? What damaging behaviors and ideals are taught in these Saudi-funded schools?

Gabriel: The world now faces a new generation of students being indoctrinated into hate. We are witnessing the making of an Islamonazi army filled with hatred and intolerance to anything non Muslim being indoctrinated in madrassas all over the world. Madrassa in Arabic means “school,” and throughout the centuries it has come to mean an Islamic school of learning. Madrassas are connected to their local mosque and incorporate secular subjects along with Islamic studies. Since 1973, wealth from oil revenues has allowed the Saudis to spread their totalitarian Sunni Wahhabi beliefs throughout the world by financing Islamic madrassas in Pakistan and elsewhere.

Besides the teachings of the Koran and Hadith, Saudi madrassas notably teach hatred and condemnation of the West, non-Muslims and Shiite Muslims as part of their history curriculum. These books are provided by the government of Saudi Arabia to Islamic madrassas all over the world. Here is just a couple of examples of the material found in these books: from an eighth-grade textbook: “As cited in Ibn Abbas: The apes are Jews, the people of the Sabbath: while the swine are the Christians, the infidels of the Communion of Jesus.”

From a ninth-grade textbook: “The hour of judgment will not come until the Muslims fight the Jews and kill them.”

This type of propaganda fosters an environment of hate, loathing and resentment toward Western culture, Christians, and Jews, Shiites, secular Muslims and non-Muslims. Saudi textbooks frequently quote verses from the Koran or Hadith that condemn non-Muslims, especially Christians and Jews. In many instances, the verse will direct the reader to commit murder in the name of Allah. There are approximately 25,000 public schools in Saudi Arabia, which accommodate 5 million youth. In addition, there are roughly 225 Islamic madrassas registered in the United States. There are also Islamic madrassas in nineteen world capitals.

How do you expect a child raised on this steady diet of hatred, violence and intolerance of non Muslims to grow up and respect western democracy and be tolerant of other people, faiths, and cultures?

Favazza: How are public schools in America getting away with teaching Islam, when those same schools are often the very ones banning prayer or religious jewelry?

Gabriel: Pressure groups, both Muslims and allied leftists and multiculturalists, manipulate nervous publishers who bow to the God of diversity and multiculturalism and rely more heavily on diversity experts than on trustworthy scholarship.

Susan Douglas, among few others are provided by the Council on Islamic education as consultants in Islamic studies for American public schools to top publishers of schools books. Ms. Douglas, taught social studies at the Islamic Saudi Academy (ISA) in Alexandra, Virginia, until 2003 (Usama Amer, Douglas’s husband, also taught at the Islamic Saudi Academy). Douglas now edits middle and high school world history textbooks and acts as an advisor to state education boards on curriculum standards concerning Islam in world religion studies. Douglas has also trained thousands of school teachers in classroom preparation of Islamic studies in elementary and high schools and universities. Now, there’s a case of the fox guarding the henhouse.

The Islam Project, written by the Council on Islamic Education (CIE) and the Islamic Society of North America, is an initiative in the United States public middle and high schools that incorporate all aspects of Islam—religious, social, spiritual and political.

The Council on Islamic Education is frequently consulted by major U.S. publishers of world history and geography school books for grades K to 12. Houghton Mifflin, McGraw-Hill and Prentice Hall are the three main publishers of world history texts in the United States.

Da’wa is one of the main tools listed in the Muslim Brotherhood’s plan to dominate America. The website ( includes a section called “How to Make America an Islamic Nation.” Another page entitled “Da’wa in Public Schools” describes the school environment as “fertile grounds where the seeds of Islam can be sowed inside the hearts of the non-Muslim student.”

The American public has been asleep not paying attention how far the multiculturalists have influenced our public school system. We must wake up now before it is too late. This is why I titled my book They Must Be Stopped!

Favazza: Why are American taxpayers funding Islam classes in charter schools?

Gabriel: Most Americans do not have a clue that this is taking place. This is why I am exposing what is happening in the hopes that Americans will rise and stop the insanity. I give many examples in the book about some of these schools and how they are supporting terrorism using tax dollars. One example is the Islamic Academy of Florida, a private school for grades one through twelve, in Tampa Bay. In 2003 the academy received more than $350,000 worth of taxpayer-funded school vouchers to help underprivileged children attend their school. In the same year a federal grand jury in Tampa issued a fifty-count indictment against the academy for being an affiliate of the Muslim Brotherhood organization Palestinian Islamic Jihad. The indictment claimed the academy was helping support the Palestinian Islamic Jihad by raising funds through school vouchers and fundraisers.

The Islamic Academy of Florida and others mentioned in the book are prime examples of Islamic terrorists and their associates operating right under our noses. The amazing thing is that taxpayers were unintentionally funding the overseas murders of innocent citizens, including Americans. Worried about the War on Terror overseas? With 225-plus registered Islamic schools in the United States, we better start scrutinizing these schools, their books, and operations, as well as their leadership and their associations with terrorist organizations.

Favazza: In your book, you cite the Prophet Mohammed discussing “the deficiency of a woman’s mind” and how most of the inhabitants of Hell are female. If you could share only one piece of advice with an Islamic woman searching for hope, what would you tell her?

Gabriel: I would tell her that God, however she defines who God is, the creator of heaven and earth, infinite intelligence, have created her perfect and in his image and blessed her with the same intelligence and ability as a man to accomplish and change the world. The creator made us so different in such a beautiful way so we as women and men can complement each other and be an extension of each other to make a perfect wholesome unit with unlimited ability both contributing in our own way to make a perfect life and fill the earth.

She as a Muslim woman can hold on to hope and just look at how far Western women have come fighting for their rights and getting organized. Women have gone up to the moon, lead armies, became prime ministers and presidents. They have done it all by holding on to hope and getting organized and proving that women are just as capable as men. We women of the West, are doing everything we can to expose the plight of women under Islam and asking our governments to put pressures on those oppressing you to stop it.

Favazza: What are the best steps Americans can take to preserve our freedom and way of life?

Gabriel: History reveals very clearly that the apathetic give way to the passionate and the complacent are subdued by the committed. We must get organized and have the same passion to fight for our freedom as our enemy has to destroy our freedoms. This is why I founded ACT! For America. ACT for is mobilizing people all over the country and giving them the tools to resist the Islamic infiltration in our society on every level: schools, government, universities and corporations. We now have over 200 chapters across America and tens of thousands of members.

We are now conducting “Citizens Action Training” seminars all over the country to give people the tools and knowledge to mobilize effectively.

We just launched our congressional score cards and voter education project. We keep tabs on bills we consider important to our national security and the threat of Islamofascism. We research how each congressman and senator votes on these bills. In this very important upcoming election we want to make sure every American knows exactly how their elected officials voted. Our motto at ACT for America is: If our elected officials are not going to see the light we are going to make them feel the heat!” The American public is watching them and taking notes.

I encourage every person reading this interview to go to our website ( and join us in taking back America and protecting our nation.

Favazza: As a stable, safe Iraq becomes a realistic achievement, how can America make the most of its newest ally?

Gabriel: America must insure that it exhibits enough long term strength to convince the terrorists who wish to destroy the peace there that we mean business and we are going to apply whatever force necessary to defeat our enemy and the enemies of peace.

We must convince the Iraqi people as well as the government that America is committed to standing with them to establish stability in Iraq and that we will work with them in defending that stability until the Iraqi people are strong enough to do it on their own.

We also must implement long term educational strategy starting with elementary schools all the way to the colleges teaching about western democracy, human rights and individual freedom. We must show hands on democracy and education in action so that the new generation of Iraqis will experience what people can do when they are given the opportunity to function freely and become all they can be.

We also must insure that radical Imams teaching violence in mosques are kept in check by the Iraqi government. This is going to be one of our main challenges to see that a new generation of young Iraqis do not get indoctrinated into hatred through religious institutions.

We must commit to helping Iraqi woman secure an education and some rights even under an Islamic government. Women are the back bone of society. You free women and give them opportunity and you will get a society that is more tolerant, educated with peace as one of its most important goals.

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