Interviewing Robert Stacy McCain About Brett Kimberlin

Robert Stacy McCain, who blogs at RWN on occasion, has become a story himself this week. After reporting on “Speedway Bomber” Brett Kimberlin, Stacy announced to the world that Kimberlin had been in touch with his wife’s employer and that he had moved his family out of their house as a result. Quite naturally, this caught people’s attention — and that was before this article from Patterico came out today credibly alleging that Kimberlin and his allies had engaged in harassment that included having a SWAT team called to his house. So, I got in touch with Stacy on Wednesday night, set up an impromptu interview, and what follows is the transcript of our roughly 30 minute long conversation, which was edited down for brevity’s sake.

Can you sum up what Kimberlin did to Aaron Worthing, in say 60 seconds or so, to give people an idea of what first drew your attention to Brett Kimberlin?

Aaron Worthing agreed to give some legal assistance to Seth Allen when Kimberlin sued Seth Allen for harassment. Worthing was in a court appearance on behalf of Allen in a Virginia court and Kimberlin was using his iPad to take a picture of Worthing, whose actual name is Aaron Walker, in contradiction of court rules. You can’t do photography in a court like that. So Worthing snatched the iPad out of Kimberlin’s hands and then Kimberlin claimed that Worthing had assaulted him. Worthing says that basically what Kimberlin was trying to do was to find grounds to frame him for an assault charge.

Subsequently, as a result of Kimberlin’s obsession with Aaron Worthing and his continual harassment and stalking of Aaron Worthing, Worthing lost his day job as did his wife because Kimberlin contacted his wife’s employer. When a convicted terrorist bomber contacts somebody’s employer, people get scared. This kind of intimidation is what Kimberlin is using.

How did you get involved in the Brett Kimberlin case?

Thursday morning I was making preparations to go cover the G8 Summit at Camp David, 15 miles from my house. The Occupy protestors were going to be there and it was a chance to get out and cover some news live on the street, in person, the way I like to do it. That morning I saw a friend of mine re-tweet Aaron Worthing about this in a way that made me realize that what he had must be something significant. So I clicked over to that and it was 28,000 words. I started reading through it and saw the name Neal Rauhauser. Neal Rauhauser is the Democratic Party consultant who has described himself as a hacker. So for him to be involved in Aaron Worthing’s case was significant as news. I had never heard the name Brett Kimberlin until Thursday morning.

My first post was about how Neal Rauhauser was connected to Brett Kimberlin, who is a convicted felon. Then after I posted that, people began sending me more information about who Brett Kimberlin is and what he’s been involved in and I began to dig. One of the people who was crucial to helping me figure out what was going on was Matthew Vadum, an investigative journalist who is perhaps the nation’s leading authority on ACORN. Matthew Vadum got me the information on the funding of Brett Kimberlin’s 501c3 Justice Through Music project and I published that and started looking for more.

Thursday night a sock puppet account for a site that is what I’ve started to refer to as “not Brett Kimberlin”…

Is it the Breitbart site?

Yeah, it’s Breitbart Unmasked.

I thought that was it.

Sock puppets started tweeting me and Patterico and Aaron Worthing were cc’d on the same messages that were coming to me. …So I got into a colloquy with this Breitbart Unmasked and asked if he was Brett Kimberlin. The sock puppet denied it. .. I’m a reporter, so I had to get that denial on the record. …I said to the sock puppet, “Well if you’re not Brett Kimberlin, you don’t mind if I say this. If you’re not Brett Kimberlin, you don’t mind if I say that.” I said, “You’re a convicted felon” and that enraged the sock puppet, which made me think that, of course, this sock puppet was lying and it’s Brett Kimberlin.

(Hawkins’ Note: One thing I found to be EXTREMELY interesting in looking back through these tweets is that I realized Nadia Naffe, who went to court and made some extremely dubious claims about James O’Keefe based on almost nothing, is connected to Ron Brynaert, who’s tied in with Brett Kimberlin. Her twitter account is also one of only 215 people following @BreitbartUnmask. Given the type of tactics that Kimberlin and his allies use, that really throws up some ENORMOUS red flags about the veracity of her allegations against O’Keefe.)

You wrote about the whole thing, you contacted someone you believe to be Kimberlin on Twitter. Then what happened next? What was the next thing?

Monday afternoon, my wife came in and informed me Kimberlin had been in contact with her employer. It was evident then and has since become more evident that Kimberlin knew where we lived. His contact with my wife’s employer resulted in a security alert as soon as they found out who this guy was and they recognized the implicit threat.

Was there anything threatening that he said to your wife’s employer or was there just…

I don’t know…

You don’t know?

I don’t know what he said to my wife’s employer. This is privileged information that was not shared with me because of their policies. All I know is that basically that my presence in Maryland was resulting in a perceived danger to others and furthermore, that if I was to continue reporting this story I couldn’t do it from Maryland.

Because why? You thought it would put the family in danger or her work?

Well, the story is a little bit complicated and can be told in depth once the truck is loaded up and moved to Beverly. We still have to finish moving out of our house. My wife has to finish out her work agreement. The situation is delicate.

You’re not going back to your house over this?

I’m in an undisclosed location out of Maryland and it has to do with two or three different things.

But they’re all related to Brett Kimberlin, right?

Exactly…Brett Kimberlin knows where I live; it’s an implicit threat. You can look at Brett Kimberlin’s record as a convicted terrorist. He conspired to kill the prosecuting attorney and at least one key witness in the case against him. That’s according to the Indianapolis Star. You can look it up. You know these are facts that are unrefuted. When someone like that indicates that they know where you live, the threat is implicit. I’m not going to be there anymore. I mean we’re gone. We’re history. We’re out of there.

Two quick questions. One, do you feel there is an actual threat on your lives?

I am not concerned about my life. I’ll put it to you that way.

Do you think there is a chance you could be sued if you stay there?

Yes, we know that Brett Kimberlin’s habit is to file nuisance lawsuits in an attempt to silence his critics. This is what he did with Seth Allen. He has this pattern of legal harassment and employment workplace harassment. Patterico AKA Patrick Frey has also had this sort of legal and workplace harassment against him. Obviously Aaron Worthing has had it. So I saw what was coming. Remember the five most important words in the English language are “Hit the freaking tip jar!”

Well Stacy, you’re kind of in transition now, but once you settle somewhere again, the guy will be able to sue you if he wants to, right? What’s the plan there?

This is just a hunch, okay, I’m not making any accusations, but my suspicion is that the end of this story is Brett Kimberlin goes back to prison.

You think so?

People with experience in non-profit work; accountants and people like that have looked at the form 990s for his two non-profits and they are extremely suspicious. These are not accusations I make. I’m telling you what people have told me. …Enabling a convicted felon to pursue a strategy of harassment and intimidation against people who report his criminal history is obviously not an activity that is a tax exempt purpose. …Brett Kimberlin has been called a top flight con artist and a world-class liar. He was convicted of perjury before he ever graduated high school. …That a person like this should be entrusted as the director of a 501c3 non-profit boggles the mind.

I agree.

Sources have told me that Capitol Hill staffers have been briefed about the background on the Kimberlin case. By the way, these briefings happened before I had ever heard of Brett Kimberlin. People have been looking at this for a long time and trying to figure out, you know, what’s going on here.

I studied psychology, John, and I think that any student of psychology would have to conclude that Brett Kimberlin is a classic sociopath. One of the things that a sociopath always does is to accuse others of doing what he has done. This is a narcissistic reflex reaction of scapegoating onto others his own problems and we have seen this in Brett Kimberlin’s actions. Among other things, he accused Mandy Nagy, Liberty Chick at, of being part of a conspiracy to kill him — the convicted terror bomber accusing this girl of trying to kill him. It’s just crazy. He had hoped to avoid scrutiny and now he’s in a white hot spotlight. I think that when all the facts are known, the end of this story is Brett Kimberlin goes back to prison. That’s my belief and I’m entitled to my belief.

Thanks for you time, Stacy.

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