Bill Maher Suggests Challenging Obama on Iran Deal Is Racist

Major Garrett overstepped by wondering why Obama didn’t at least ask the ayatollahs to free imprisoned Americans as a token concession before granting them $150 billion in unfrozen assets and a pathway to nuclear weaponry. The flying monkeys have been dispatched to chastise him:

Liberal HBO “Real Time” host Bill Maher took offense to a CBS White House reporter who on Wednesday admitted to intentionally provoking President Obama with a question about Iran.

“Major Garrett is a huge a–hole,” Maher wrote late Wednesday in a message to his 3 million-plus followers on Twitter.

Maher suggested Garrett’s interaction with the president had a racial element to it. “If you wanna ‘strike a nerve’ with [Obama], why not just scream the N word?” Maher’s tweet continued. “That should get his attention.”

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Here’s what has Maher playing the race card on behalf of the Moonbat Messiah:

Obama hosted a press conference earlier in the day for reporters to ask questions about the administration’s controversial deal with the Iranian government [supposedly intended] to curb Tehran’s nuclear development program.

Noting that the deal does nothing about four Americans held in captivity by the Iranian government, Garrett asked Obama to explain why he is “content with all the fanfare around this deal to leave the conscience of this nation … unaccounted for in relation to these four Americans?”

The president let out a small laugh before saying that “nobody’s content” and told Garrett he “should know better.”

He sure should. Challenging the Anointed One will earn you the vicious enmity of the liberal establishment, as personified by Maher. Garrett will be lucky if he doesn’t also get audited by the IRS.

Ed Morrissey comments:

I can’t wait for a Republican to be president so that dissent can once more be patriotic, and the media can suddenly feel the need to hold the powerful accountable again.

Whether that will ever happen depends on how quickly Obama’s immigration and Iranian nuke policies bear fruit.

Faux rebel toady to the Moonbat in Chief.

On a tip from DinaRehn. Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

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