BREAKING: Iran Demanding The U.S. Pay THEM $50 Billion – Claiming We Owe Them Because THIS!

BREAKING: Iran Demanding The U.S. Pay THEM $50 Billion – Claiming We Owe Them Because THIS!

Iran is now laughably demanding reparations from the US for 63 years of spiritual and material damage. Iran is THE leading state sponsor of terror on the planet. They are doing this to justify not paying those suing them for terrorist attacks and just on general principles because they hate the Great Satan. The Iranians blame everything on infidels… nothing is ever their fault because they are the elites… the chosen ones. Blaming the US is a strategic win-win for Iran. Iran’s claim is in direct response to the Supreme Court’s decision last month demanding Iran hand over nearly $2 billion in frozen assets to the survivors and relatives of those killed in attacks that Iran organized, including the 1983 bombing of a US Marine barracks in Beirut that killed 241. Shortly after the court ruling, Iranian President Rouhani said Tehran was preparing international legal action to recover the nearly $2 billion in frozen assets. They have no intention of ever paying damages… the Iranians never lose in their viewpoint and they do not cave to barbaric infidels.


From The Daily Signal:

Iran is demanding the U.S. pay for 63 years of “spiritual and material damage.” The Iranian parliament cited examples of U.S. “hostile action” towards Tehran such as alleged U.S. support for a 1953 military coup in Iran.

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This claim is delusional. Iran is one of the leading state sponsors of terrorism and has a long history of inciting violence in the Middle East.

For instance, it’s known that in 2004 Iran flooded Iraq with improvised explosive devices, which took the lives of 500 soldiers and Marines.

“We will not allow the United States to swallow this money so easily,” Rouhani told a crowd of thousands. It’s the other way around. Obama grovels before Iran and lets them get away with whatever they want… rumor has it that Obama is actively assisting their military ambitions. Obama is desperate to keep the faux Iranian deal in play no matter what. It seems President Obama is willing to go so far as to blur truth in order to accomplish a legacy item — just ask Ben Rhodes. In the end Iran’s actions are purely a retaliatory move designed to flex its muscles, provoke the US and test its limits. What’s most troubling is that the Obama administration will likely look the other way and allow continued Iranian aggression. Just as they have every other time and every step of the way.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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