BREAKING: Obama Commits ‘Impeachable Offense’ – IT’S HAPPENING

BREAKING: Obama Commits ‘Impeachable Offense’ – IT’S HAPPENING

What the hell is wrong with Obama? Is he mentally ill? Confused? Or is he really just Satan? In simple words, we have just become Iran’s TOP lobbying shop.


Despite congressional scrutiny, Obama is campaigning to encourage businesses and governments to make “nice” with the Iranian marketplace.

Yea…he’s just Satan.


From Allen West:

As reported by the Washington Free Beacon, “Obama administration officials are orchestrating an international campaign to encourage businesses and governments to reengage in the Iranian marketplace, prompting accusations from leading members of Congress that the White House is behaving as the Islamic Republic’s top global “lobbying shop,” according to conversations with lawmakers and multiple sources tracking the issue.

The administration’s efforts on Iran’s behalf—which go far beyond the requirements under last summer’s nuclear agreement—are said to have pressured the world’s foremost financial task force to reduce counter-terror efforts impacting Iran, despite Tehran’s role as the globe’s top exporter of terrorism. The Financial Action Task Force’s decision coincides with multiple efforts, both public and private, by top U.S. officials to promote increased international trade with Iran.

Not only do I want the Obama’s out of the White House…but even after they are long gone, I think living on the same planet with Obama and Michelle is going to be tough. After what they have done to America, forgiveness is not in the near future.

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