Iran Claims Obama Admin Lying About Nuclear Deal

It says quite a bit about the veracity and credibility of the Obama administration when claims by Iran are not immediately dismissed

(Washington Free Beacon) Senior Iranian officials are accusing the Obama administration of lying about the details of the recent nuclear accord in order to soothe fears among U.S. lawmakers and Americans about the implications of the deal, which will release billions of dollars to the Islamic Republic while temporarily freezing its nuclear program, according to reports from Iran’s state-controlled media.

As Secretary of State John Kerry and other senior Obama administration figures launch a full-court press to convince Congress to approve the deal, Iranian leaders are dismissing the rhetoric as “aimed at domestic consumption.”

The USA Today is running an article about Obama working overtime to sell the deal. He’s even working on selling the deal while on the golf course!

When addressing claims this week by the administration that the deal shuts down Tehran’s nuclear infrastructure, Iranian officials scoffed and said that the Obama administration is misleading the public in order to sell the deal.

Hamid Baeidinejad, an official in the Iranian foreign ministry and one of the country’s nuclear negotiators, scoffed on Wednesday at the Obama administration’s comments, saying that they were meant to placate an American domestic audience.

“The remarks by the western officials are ambiguous comments which are merely uttered for domestic use and therefore we should say that there is no ambiguity in this (nuclear) agreement,” the Fars news agency quoted Baeidinejad saying in an interview with state-controlled radio.

Baeidinejad said that the Obama administration is misleading Americans about the deal in order to “calm opponents in the Congress and Zionist lobbies to soothe the internal conditions prevailing over debates on the nuclear agreement in that country,” Fars, which is also run by the Iranian state, reported.

The interesting part of this is that, so far during all the negotiations, the Obama admin made statements that Iran refuted, and Iran was proven correct each time. Heck, the Obama administration made statements that they later refuted themselves, as George Will notes

… the agreement comprehensively abandons President Obama’s original goal of dismantling the infrastructure of Iran’s nuclear weapons program. Second, as the administration became more yielding with Iran, it became more dishonest with its own citizens. For example, John Kerry says we never sought “anywhere, anytime” inspections. But on April 6, Ben Rhodes, Obama’s deputy national security adviser, said the agreement would include “anywhere, anytime” inspections. Kerry’s co-negotiator, Wendy Sherman, breezily dismissed “anywhere, anytime” as “something that became popular rhetoric.” It “became”? This is disgraceful.

Israel, a key ally in the region, the only true democracy, and a nation which Iran has constantly stated it will “wipe off the map”, has stated that they have not been given the full details of the deal. Of course, neither have U.S. lawmakers nor the American people, since those separate side agreements are being kept secret.

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