Iran’s ICBMs Are for Us

Ron Dermer makes an observation that must have occurred to the people running our government:

Dermer, the Israeli ambassador to the United States, says the Obama administration has agreed to a deal that gives Iran both a “legal nuclear program” and the money to develop a delivery system — intercontinental ballistic missiles.

And since Israel is on the same side of the world as Iran, “those ICBMs are for you,” Dermer told Fox News’s Megyn Kelly…

Obama’s deal actually entails lifting restrictions on providing Iran with ballistic missile technology. The ayatollahs don’t need ballistic missiles to blow up Israel. They need them to vaporize American cities.

Evidently Obama, Kerry, et al. are confident they can get to secure bunkers in time to save their worthless hides when the mushroom clouds start sprouting. Then they can reemerge to rule over an America completely at their mercy. Either that or they are the dumbest people ever to represent a major power. Our fate is the same either way.

Obama’s legacy.

On a tip from JusttheTipHQ. Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

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