Iran’s Rouhani Totally Concerned With Climate Change, Says Terrorism Gets In Way Of Solving It

If I didn’t tell you up front that the speaker was Iranian President Hassan Rouhani, might you think this was Obama or some other leading Warmist? He gave a speech to the UN Summit for Sustainable Development Goals, first offering prayers for those killed during the Hajj, before diving into Hotcoldwetdry and terrorism

Environmental problems have taught us humans living on planet earth that we are all in the same boat. What others do also impacts our destiny. We cannot be assured of our own peace and security, whilst ignoring how others are living. Without extensive cooperation at the national, regional and international levels, achieving the ‘Sustainable Development Goals’ will be very difficult. Such cooperation should be mindful of our common destiny and joint commitment towards important human responsibilities.

A common destiny requires a common goal. But this doesn’t mean that the responsibilities of all are the same. It would be impossible to achieve the post-2015 sustainable development goals without considering the responsibilities of states and their share in creating the current environmental status quo and would result in fruitless argument.

Rouhani’s vision of an authoritarian destiny is surely different from other Warmists. He would prefer one based on a world-wide Caliphate, led by Iran (hence a major reason Iran stands against ISIS), while Western Warmists would prefer a secular destiny, dominated by Progressivism (nice fascism).

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As I said in the summit meeting of climate change, the West Asia region is not only facing hotter climate conditions and challenges of continued extensive drought. But, it is also grappling with the scourge of terrorism and extremist violence. In other words, violence against man and nature are the dual calamities befallen the West Asia region.

Interesting, as Iran is the world’s largest state sponsor of terrorism. Oh, and of course they have drought: a goodly chunk is and has been desert.

Two years ago when I spoke of WAVE (World Against Violence and Extremism), I had both of these disasters and their mutual impact in mind. Terrorists tend to grow and thrive in lands that are deprived and damaged by environmental disasters and easily pour across borders like haze. Terrorist groups crush the sustainable development goals. And the continuation of this situation results in further poverty and environmental destruction. Not only have terrorism and violence damaged the environment, but also they have taken sustainable development out of the agenda of countries, forcing them to expend their national resources on fighting against insecurity.

If “terrorists crush the sustainable development goals”, why is Iran funding so many of them? One of the things he’s saying here is that fighting terrorism is taking attention, and money, away from fighting “climate change”.

The process of the past two years and the ensuing nuclear deal between Iran and the P5+1 has created suitable conditions for regional and international cooperation including in the field of environmental preservation. We are eager to cooperate with our neighbors to promote regional sustainable development through active environmental diplomacy, constructive relations with other countries, transfer of technology and knowhow, and participation in joint scientific activities, in order to fulfill our share in building a more sustainable world immune from environmental threats.

Oh, OK, so the whole nuclear deal is all about stopping “climate change” It’s so simple!

Warmists must be thrilled that this hardcore Islamist has the exact views they do. Actually, they probably sympathize more with Rouhani than fellow countrymen who have different views on climate change. And let’s not forget that Iran is super-enthused by the nuclear deal, which will see Iran vastly increase their pumping of fossil fuels.

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