John Kerry Makes His Case For Iran Deal, Fails Spectacularly

Over at the Washington Post, Secretary Of State John Kerry and Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz make their case for the Iran Deal, after first taking it to the United Nations. When the deal is already underwater, per polls. I wonder if they will mention the side deals, none of which managed to get the American citizens back?

(Washington Post) When President Obama took office, he faced an Iran that had mastered the nuclear fuel cycle, had constructed a covert uranium enrichment facility inside a mountain, was on its way to installing nearly 20,000 centrifuges for uranium enrichment, was developing advanced centrifuges and was building a heavy-water reactor that could produce weapons-grade plutonium. If Iran wanted to develop a nuclear weapon, it was already well down that road and the international community had little insight into its program. Against this backdrop the president vowed never to let Iran obtain a nuclear weapon.


The deal reached in Vienna this month is not only the best way to prevent Iran from having a nuclear weapon, it is the only durable and viable option for achieving this goal. This comprehensive diplomatic resolution has the unified support of the world’s leading powers. It extends the time Iran would need to develop a nuclear weapon, provides strong verification measures that give us ample time to respond if Iran chooses that path, and takes none of our options off the table.

So, in one breath, it completely and totally STOPS!!!!!!!!! Iran from perusing a nuclear weapon, and in the very next breath tells us that it simply extends the time Iran would need to make a nuclear weapon.

To preclude cheating, international inspectors will have unprecedented access to Iran’s declared nuclear facilities, any other sites of concern and its entire nuclear supply chain, from uranium production to centrifuge manufacturing and operation.

Except for the long, long delays built into the deal, giving Iran plenty of time to play games. But, Iran wouldn’t ever cheat, right? Right?

If Iran fails to meet its responsibilities, sanctions will snap back into place, and no country can stop that from happening.

Except for China and Russia, and any country that starts seeing lots of legal business with Iran. The UN Security Council can nix any snapbacks. Guess who sits on the UNSC? The snapbacks are set up so that Iran can nullify the entire deal and resume building nuclear weapons.

President Obama has said clearly that Iran will not get a nuclear weapon. Neither sanctions nor military action can guarantee that outcome. The solution is the comprehensive diplomatic deal reached in Vienna.

Except, this guarantees nothing. Iran can easily cheat, they’ll be flush with cash from the removal of sanctions, and they can overtly resume their nuclear weapons program in eight years, when Obama and Kerry will be long gone from office.

And, no, no mention of any side deals. Surprise?

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