Obama And Hillary Fiddle For Russia While Iran Builds Nukes

It’s truly embarrassing to watch the hapless and ineffective Obama team in action on foreign policy. In a bout of appeasement that would make Neville Chamberlain retch, the yellow backed coward in the White House scampered away from building missile defense in Poland and the Czech Republic at the behest of Russia. This puzzled people, in that we were abandoning our friends, including Poland, which stood shoulder-to-shoulder with us when we went into Iraq, and seemed to be getting nothing in return. However, some people speculated that perhaps it was part of a deal to stop Iran from getting nukes. How’s that looking now?

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton failed to win specific pledges from Moscow on tougher sanctions against Iran during a visit to Russia on Tuesday but hailed progress in other areas such as arms control.

A senior U.S. official had said before the talks that Clinton wanted to know “what specific forms of pressure Russia would be prepared for to join us” if Iran did not keep promises to the international community not to pursue nuclear weapons.

But Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov restated at a news conference with Clinton Russia’s long-standing position that any talk of sanctions against Iran at this stage was counter-productive.

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“All forces should be aimed at supporting talks,” he said.
A U.S. official later told reporters of the Russian side: “They said there weren’t ready in this context to talk specifically about what steps they would be willing to take.”

The Russian side preferred to discuss any possible moves against Iran in the context of the United Nations, the official added, speaking on condition he was not identified.

Clinton praised “very comprehensive and productive” discussions with Lavrov, saying they were further evidence of the “reset” in formerly rocky U.S.-Russia relations.

“I feel very good about the so-called reset,” she said.
Clinton also insisted she had not sought specific commitments from Moscow on Iran.

Tonight in Russia, you can be sure that they’re laughing at the fools who are in charge in the United States of America. Who do you think is helping Iran BUILD THE NUCLEAR bombs in the first place?

What’s next? Maybe we can send Obama over to Russia and he can hoop it up with Putin and then he can give a grand speech about unity, hope, and change. Maybe then the Russians will realize we’re nice people, their hearts will grow three sizes like the Grinch, and they’ll stop trying to help our enemies acquire nukes. Is that the plan, Obama? A good speech, a little talk about hope, and then everything will just work out okay somehow?

God save us from the simple-minded buffoons who are now responsible for the security of this nation.

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