Obama Especially Secretive When It Comes to Iran

The Obama Administration is the most transparent in history; Obama said so himself. But apparently this does not apply to issues involving America’s worst enemy, the terrorist ayatollahs he endlessly sucks up to in Iran.

Example 1:

Leading members of Congress are calling on President Barack Obama to fire one of his top advisers [deputy national security adviser Ben Rhodes] amid a deepening scandal over accusations the White House intentionally misled lawmakers and the American public about the contents of last summer’s comprehensive nuclear agreement with Iran, according to a letter sent Monday to Obama and obtained by the Washington Free Beacon. …

Rhodes’ reported spin campaign has become a flashpoint following a lengthy New York Times magazine profile detailing his attempts to mislead reporters and D.C. insiders about the contents of the nuclear deal.

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The scandal has put the White House in a tricky position as it attempts to uphold the nuclear deal while avoiding public questioning about the deal’s substance.

This is because the more people know about the deal, the more terrified and enraged they become.

One controversy has surrounded the administration’s shifting claims about the legality of Iranian ballistic missile tests under the deal.

While the administration initially promised Congress that such tests would be barred by the agreement, White House officials now maintain that they only are “inconsistent” with it.

Iran doesn’t need ballistic missiles to nuke Israel. It needs them to nuke us.

Whether congressional Republicans get Rhodes’ scapegoated scalp as a trophy is irrelevant; the deception regarding Iran comes straight from the top.

Example 2:

The classified details behind Iran’s treatment of several U.S. sailors who were captured by the Islamic Republic during a tense standoff earlier this year are likely to shock the nation, according to one member of the House Armed Services Committee, who disclosed to the Washington Free Beacon that these details are currently being withheld by the Obama administration.

Rep. Randy Forbes (R., Va.) told the Free Beacon in an interview that the Obama administration is still keeping details of the maritime incident under wraps. It could be a year or longer before the American public receives a full accounting of the incident, in which several U.S. sailors were abducted at gunpoint by the Iranian military.

Forbes has received a full classified briefing. It appalled him.

Forbes suggested that Iran’s treatment of the U.S. sailors—which included filming them crying and forcing them to apologize at gunpoint—may have been much worse than what has been publicly reported.

“I think clearly there were violations of international and maritime law that took place here,” Forbes said. “We [the United States] did almost nothing in response, in fact, to have Secretary [of State John] Kerry actually thank them for releasing our sailors after the way they captured them, I think was a slap in the sailors’ face.”

What else would anyone expect of Hanoi John Kerry — or of Obama?

Example 3:

A senior Iranian military commander claimed that U.S. officials are quietly encouraging the Islamic Republic to keep its illicit ballistic missile tests a secret so as not to raise concerns in the region, according to Persian language comments.

Amir Ali Hajizadeh, commander of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps’ Aerospace and Missile Force, said in recent remarks that the Obama administration does not want Iran to publicize its ongoing missile tests, which have raised questions about the Islamic Republic’s commitment to last summer’s comprehensive nuclear agreement.

“At this time, the Americans are telling [us]: ‘Don’t talk about missile affairs, and if you conduct a test or maneuver, don’t mention it,’” Hajizadeh was quoted as saying during a recent Persian-language speech that was translated by the Middle East Media Research Institute.

The response from Hanoi John’s State Department: No comment.

Apparently it isn’t enough for the Obama Administration to cloak its own Iranian misdeeds in secrecy. It wants the ayatollahs to collaborate, lest the public become alarmed.

Iran has been at war with the USA since 1979, and has killed many Americans over this period. Obama has eagerly attempted to befriend it from the beginning.

When our crucial ally Hosni Mubarak encountered difficulty, Obama knifed him in the back on behalf of an Islamic terror umbrella group sworn to our destruction, the Muslim Brotherhood. Muammar Gaddafi was a still less savory character than Mubarak but someone who had been cooperating with the West against Islamic terrorists. When he too faced the nightmarish “Arab Spring,” Obama actively participated in removing him from power, reducing Libya to a failed state infested with Al Qaeda and ISIS. But when the Iranian people revolted against their brutal oppressors, Obama effectively sided with the ayatollahs, offering no encouragement to the rebellion, which was ruthlessly crushed.

They repay him by openly despising him. Even savage maniacs understand that people who suck up to the enemy deserve it.

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What Iran is preparing for us under cover of Obama’s “transparency.”

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