Report: Saudi Arabia Will Buy Nuclear Bombs From Pakistan To Join The Nuclear Club

Color me not surprised in the least at this development. What did we really think Saudi Arabia would do? Sit back, let Iran go nuclear and put them in the crosshairs? Because of Obama’s criminal and treasonous idiocy, the whole Middle East is now embarking on a nuclear arms race. Ponder that. Religious fanatics who aren’t afraid to die and have their fingers on a nuclear launch button. Makes you all warm and fuzzy, huh? Saudi Arabia is exactly right… what Obama is doing is speeding up Iran getting nukes. And he knows it.

From Weasel Zippers:

Opening the door to Iran getting the bomb has consequences…

Via NY Post:

Saudi Arabia will join the nuclear club by buying “off the shelf” atomic weapons from Pakistan, US officials told a London newspaper.

The Saudis — who financed much of Pakistan’s nuke program — are fearful of international efforts to keep its enemy Iran from acquiring a bomb, the Sunday Times of London reports. The Saudis think the deal, backed by President Obama, will actually accelerate Iran’s nuke push.

Saudi Arabia has talked for years about acquiring a bomb from the Pakistanis. “The House of Saud has now made the strategic decision to move forward,” a former US defense official said.

Obama has alienated just about every ally we have – on purpose. He’s set off the race for nukes and the countdown to full blown nuclear war. He cuddles with dictators and communists… he hangs with the Muslim Brotherhood. He might as well have a big sign taped to his back that says, “I’m evil!” Letting Iran get nukes has opened a Pandora’s box of horrific possibilities… the nuking of Israel and America… an EMP attack… a nuclear war in the Middle East… and let’s not forget the cherry on top: Armageddon. Boy howdy, Obama has us living in interesting times. Nukes away baby! Hope you got iodine, supplies, food, water, arms and a shelter.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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