Sen. Tom Cotton Says Obama Is in Direct Violation of Law He Just Signed on Iran Deal

One of the more prominent commentaries on the disastrous Obama Iran deal among its more hopeful detractors is that chances are the Iranians would almost immediately violate the agreement and therefore make American compliance with it a matter of choice.

In a similar vein, it appears Obama is an almost immediate violator of the federal law he signed governing Congressional acceptance of the Iran deal

Freshman Senator Tom Cotton, R-Ark., found that President Barack Obama is already in direct violation of a law he just signed in late May regarding the Iran nuclear deal.

The Iran Nuclear Agreement Review Act specifically provides that Congress must receive “all nuclear agreement documents, including any related to agreements ‘entered into or made between Iran and any other parties.’ It expressly includes ‘side agreements.’ This requirement is not strictly limited to agreements to which the U.S. is a signatory,” Sen. Cotton and Rep. Mike Pompeo wrote in a joint op-ed in the Wall Street Journal last week.

Cotton and Pompeo recount that they traveled to Vienna a few weeks ago to meet with officials of the U.N. International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA). There, they learned “that certain elements of this deal are—and will remain—secret.” They further discovered that those involved with the talks, including the Obama administration, specially allowed the IAEA and Iran to have two side deals.

The two sent a letter to the Obama administration requesting access to all relevant information, so the agreement can be adequately reviewed.

Call this a silver lining of sorts, as when the law in question – which was the Sen. Bob Corker-authored bill actually making it easier to ratify what amounts to a treaty – was passed, many conservatives called it an example of Failure Theater by the GOP congressional leadership. It was that, but at least we now know Obama has violated Corker’s law.

The question is, what will Congress do about it?

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