Surprise: Only 10% Think Iran Won’t Break Agreement

Heck of a job there, Barry and John!

(CNN) President Barack Obama’s big policy win this week — preventing Congress from blocking the nuclear agreement with Iran — may do little to improve his sagging approval ratings.

Apparently, shutting down debate is a “big policy win”, as is making sure your party is on the hook for whatever Iran does. Let’s also make sure we thank Majority Leader Mitch McConnell for his fecklessness.

A new CNN/ORC poll finds 59% disapprove of the way Obama is handling the U.S. relationship with Iran, and about half would have preferred Congress reject the deal. Few believe Iran will abide by its terms, and a growing number consider the country a serious threat to the U.S.

Most Americans think Iran will ultimately violate the terms of the agreement, with 37% calling that extremely likely and 23% saying very likely. Just 10% think it’s not at all likely that Iran would break the agreement. Republicans (83% likely) and independents (58% likely) are more apt to believe Iran would violate the agreement than are Democrats (44% likely).

Now, why would anyone possibly think Iran would break the agreement? Oh, right, Iran. Obama has 55% disapproval/42% approval rating on foreign affairs overall. And now that the Iran deal is supposedly a done deal, 49% see Iran as a “serious threat”. The last time we saw a number that high was back in 2012, with the number dropping. Only 11% see Iran as just a slight threat. Add that 33% see Iran as a “moderately serious threat”, and we have a heck of a meme! That #IranDeal is wonderful!

Russia is rising fast as a “very serious threat”. Reset button time!

Only 38% of Independents approve of the way Obama is handling Iran, and 37% of Democrats disapprove.

If Iran did violate the deal, 64% of all adults say the United States should respond with military action, including majorities across party lines (57% of Democrats, 64% of independents and 72% of Republicans). About a third, 34%, say the United States should not take military action if the deal is broken.

Sure, go ahead and invade the Sudetenland.

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