Trump Has HARDCORE Response After Learning U.S. Sent $400 Million To Iran – DESTROYS HILLARY!

Trump Has HARDCORE Response After Learning U.S. Sent $400 Million To Iran – DESTROYS HILLARY!

Our nation has a long proud history of strength. We do not negotiate with terrorists and we most certainly do not pay ransoms to them… That is, until Barack Obama took office and sullied our national reputation. Now, we grovel like weaklings and this administration has even paid a hefty ransom to Iran (though they currently deny it was a ransom). Predictably, Donald Trump has seized upon this outrage to showcase Hillary and Barack’s incompetence.


From Young Conservatives:

We learned earlier this morning that the State Department secretly sent $400 million to Iran just as four Americans were released after being detained in Tehran.

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People see this as too crazy to simply be a coincidence – besides the fact the U.S. promised Iran $1.7 billion after the nuclear agreement was signed.

What are Donald Trump’s thoughts?

I know you’re curious…

From Politico:

Donald Trump is ripping into Hillary Clinton anew over news that the United States government covertly sent $400 million to Iran in January that coincided with the release of four American prisoners, although President Barack Obama’s administration has hit back at any notion of a quid pro quo.

“Our incompetent Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, was the one who started talks to give 400 million dollars, in cash, to Iran. Scandal!” Trump tweeted Wednesday morning, following a Wall Street Journalreport published Tuesday evening that cited U.S. and European officials, as well as congressional staff briefed on the details of the operation after the fact. As former secretary of state, Clinton has claimed credit for bringing Iran to the bargaining table through sanctions.

The Journal reported that the payment was in foreign currency due to any transaction with Iran in U.S. dollars being illegal.

Any chance Trump has to go after Hillary Clinton, he has to take it.

This election is finally down to two candidates, and Americans need to know how corrupt Clinton truly is.

Hillary was a disaster as secretary of state, and she’d be worse as president.

That’s not conjecture.

It is purely laughable that this administration can pretend that this payment was anything but a ransom.

It used to be that America protected her citizens through strength. Now, the policy of this government is to pay ransoms to despots and state sponsors of terrorism.

That’s the change we received from Obama…

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