Victory? Feh. Who Needs That?

Well, at least he’s being one hundred percent honest about things for a change.

Reid: Thank you Mr. President, you just mentioned sanctions that have bite, what kinds of sanction, and I know you can’t get into details but what kind of sanctions at all would have bite with Iran, do you really think that any kind of sanctions would have any effect on somebody like Ahmadinejad, secondly some of your advisers today said that this announcement was a victory, do you consider it a victory and if so why didn’t you announce it earlier since you have known since you were President elect?..

Obama: You know, this isn’t a football game. So, I’m not interested in victory. I’m interested in resolving the problem.

Not interested in victory? Against a beastly tyrant who is hell-bent on getting a nuclear weapon? Great.

The Tyrants in Tehran responded to the President’s declaration by testing two short-range missiles today and scheduling a long-range missile test for Monday.

Obviously somebody is interested in victory. It’s just not President Pantywaist who, let me point out, let the Iranian protesters bleed and die in the streets and treated the Mullahs like a legitimate government even though he knew they were lying their rear ends off about the “hidden” nuclear fuel production facility. Our President knew about the facility the whole time he was giving a speech about nuclear proliferation and not one single time did he mention it. Oh, he said Iran was threatening to “take us down this dangerous slope”, which turned out to be yet another lie. Iran isn’t threatening at all; they have us well down the slope and are pushing just as hard as they can.

And all the President can do is bluster impotently about sanctions, which is pretty much what you’d expect from a man who thinks that stopping a tyrannical regime that has openly threatened to destroy at least one sovereign nation from getting its hands on some nukes is a problem to be solved instead of an enemy to be thoroughly defeated. His foreign policy is nothing but the dangerous and immoral realpolitik of the 70s. You can see where that got us.

(via Ace of Spades HQ through Ed Driscoll)

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