Former 4 Star General Slams Obama For The Rise Of Al Qaeda

Obama likes to blame his failures on the most convenient scapegoat he can find: his predecessor, George Bush. But he’s being held accountable, at least for the rise of Al Qaeda and ISIS, by General Jack Keane.


Keane spoke to Fox News anchor Martha MacCallum and disputed Obama’s claim that Al Qaeda re-emerged as the more violent Islamic State group due to the American invasion of Iraq.

Keane called Obama’s remarks “inaccurate.”

Al Qaeda, he said, existed before the Bush-era invasion. The terrorists did not want to see the invasion succeed, as the subsequent establishment of a democratic Iraq would be a direct threat to the terrorist organization’s existence.

Yet despite their opposition, by 2008, Al Qaeda was defeated (H/T No More Cocktails).

“I saw the intercepts,” said Keane. “It was over for Al Qaeda.”

For the next three years, the terrorist organization was not a force of any consequence. Then, in 2011, during the Obama presidency, American military forces left Iraq.

“Al Qaeda re-emerged (in the vacuum created) by a result of our political and military withdrawal,” Keane stated.

Everything that has happened in Iraq is solely the fault of Barack Obama himself, and his disastrous policies. This has his name written all over it, even if he’s too much of a coward to own up to it.

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