Iran Threatens Attacks In Iraq If US Attacks Syria

It would have been so much easier had Team Obama put together a plan to strike Syria immediately for crossing that red line which Everyone Else set, alas, that would have required ignoring the economy education fiscal sanity golf, vacations, and campaigning. And as the Syrian issue drags on into weeks since the use of chemical weapons, now Iran jumps into the game

(Wall Street Journal) The U.S. has intercepted an order from Iran to militants in Iraq to attack the U.S. Embassy and other American interests in Baghdad in the event of a strike on Syria, officials said, amid an expanding array of reprisal threats across the region.

Military officials have been trying to predict the range of possible responses from Syria, Iran and their allies. U.S. officials said they are on alert for Iran’s fleet of small, fast boats in the Persian Gulf, where American warships are positioned. U.S. officials also fear Hezbollah could attack the U.S. Embassy in Beirut. (snip)

The Iranian message, intercepted in recent days, came from Qasem Soleimani, the head of Revolutionary Guards’ Qods Force, and went to Iranian-supported Shiite militia groups in Iraq, according to U.S. officials.

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In it, Mr. Soleimani said Shiite groups must be prepared to respond with force after a U.S. strike on Syria. Iranian officials didn’t respond to requests for comment.

There is also a concern for an increase in attacks from Islamist groups like Hezbollah and Hamas.

On one hand, the US should not show weakness to these threats. On the other, this is a hole that President McBombypants dug for himself. And it looks like his French buddies are are getting cold feet

The parliamentary leader of France’s conservative opposition UMP said on Wednesday that his party could not support Socialist President François Hollande’s plans for military intervention in Syria without the full backing of the United Nations.

It seems that the only other countries supporting this action are a block of Muslim nations who back the (increasingly Islamist) rebels and Turkey, none of which plan on providing military might. Everyone else says the issue should go to the United Nations. Where any resolution will be blocked, of course. Meanwhile, Obama is expanding the target list.

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