ISIS Video Shows Three-Year Old Beheading His Teddy Bear

They don’t exactly raise their children the same way we do in the insane cult of violence ISIS is building in Syria and Iraq.

As proof, we offer this

Looking into the camera, a baby-faced boy, no older than three years old, holds a teddy bear in left hand and a knife in his right.

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The child, who is not even old enough to start school, then appears to smile as he use the deadly weapon to hack the head off of his cuddly toy.

In new footage which has emerged – believed to have been released by ISIS but its provenance unconfirmed – the boy then lifts his knife triumphantly into the air and a man behind the camera shouts ‘takfir!’ – a derogatory word used to describe non-believers.

The latest disturbing footage – thought to have been released by the terror group but unconfirmed – shows the child blurred out as he walks into a bedroom dressed in black with a beige hat on.

He comes into focus when he appears to grab the white and red teddy bear’s head and thrusts the knife into its neck.

He uses the blade to hack away at the teddy during the 30-second clip, uploaded onto YouTube.

Then, smiling as if he was playing with the toy, the child raises the weapon into the air – seemingly copying the gesture carried out by Islamic State executioner, Jihadi John.

The boy’s clothes also resemble those of Mohammed Emwazi, who has been responsible for the murders of at least five western hostages since he beheaded American journalist James Foley in August 2014.

When an unidentified man behind the camera shouts the word ‘takfir’, the boy once again appears to attack his cuddly toy.

This will continue until someone stops it, and we’ve already seen in the case of the Palestinians what a systematic program of jihadist indoctrination of children can create over the long term.

It will create lots more of these.

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