The British Sniper Who Shot An ISIS Jihadist Dead Just Before He Executed A Shiite Man And His 8-Year-Old Son

Can America and its allies make a difference in the fight against ISIS? Well, the very limited British military presence in northwestern Iraq might suggest we can.

If nothing else, we can produce an occasional feel-good story amid the carnage in that part of the world.

According to Britain’s Daily Star, a Shiite man and his eight-year-old son were saved from execution at the hands of ISIS terrorists last month, after a British special forces sniper shot dead the jihadist in the head from nearly a half mile away.

His unit, the paper reported, then killed two other members of the terrorist group who had planned on executing other Shiites along the border between Turkey and Syria.

The militants had sentenced the duo to death because they refused to denounce their Shiite faith, something that the Islamic State considers to be heretical.

Government sources report that the unit initially considered using an air strike to stop the “trial” that ISIS was holding against the Shiites, but the troops feared killing too many of the innocent civilians who were forced to watch the executions. They scraped that plan.

The British special air services – which are part of the Royal Army – found out about the execution site after an Iraqi spy tipped them off to the planned executions. They were in the area at the time conducting covert patrols.

Unfortunately, the special forces couldn’t save everyone from the terrorists: When the troops arrived on-site, they found themselves exposed to a gruesome scene featuring several headless bodies lying bloodied in the Syrian desert.

According to reports, after the sniper took out the executioner he used two more shots – from nearly a half-mile away – to kill the two goons he had with him. And the crowd of shiites who were cowering as they awaited the same fate freed the man and his child and returned to their village, which so far has not been attacked by ISIS again.

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