You’ll Be LIVID When You See What Obama Did in Hawaii

You’ll Be LIVID When You See What Obama Did in Hawaii

I understand that Obama is on vacation, but it seems cold to call Texas Governor Abbott to get an update on the weather and the 26 people who died due to tornadoes ripping across the state, while teeing off on the golf course. Obama started off his day working out in the gym as he always does. Then he got an update on ISIS and Iraq. Iraqi forces have taken Ramadi back from ISIS – for now. I’m not too sure that the victory they are celebrating will be long in duration though. The Iraqis took Ramadi back, with some help from the Germans, French and British. Regardless of what Obama claims, we had precious little to do with it. Ramadi is not fully liberated either. Entire sections are still under ISIS control. People are dying here and abroad, so what does our president do? He goes golfing. So typical.

Obama Golf1

From Breitbart:

KAILUA, Hawaii (AP) — The latest on President Barack Obama’s annual two-week vacation in Hawaii (all times local):

12:30 p.m.

The White House says President Obama has called Texas Gov. Greg Abbott to get an update on the severe weather there and to offer federal support for recovery efforts.

At least 11 people died and dozens were hurt in the tornadoes that swept through the Dallas area on Saturday and caused substantial damage. Other states in the Midwest and South also were hit by severe weather in the past week.

White House spokesman Eric Schultz says Obama offered condolences for those who lost their lives and for those who lost their homes in the tornadoes.

Obama made the call from Hawaii, where he is vacationing during the holidays. Schultz says the president made clear he has directed his team to work closely with the governor’s staff to provide whatever assistance may be needed.


11:35 a.m.

President Barack Obama is playing golf in Kailua. On the way to the golf course Monday morning from his vacation home, Obama’s motorcade passed by scenic Kailua Beach, where some onlookers waved and took pictures of the motorcade with their cellphones.

The White House says Obama is playing golf with some of his longtime friends including Mike Ramos, Greg Orme and Bobby Titcomb.

It just makes me livid when I think of people dying every time Obama plays golf. He has done virtually nothing to defeat ISIS, much less contain it. But he sure keeps saying he is. Plus, strategists are saying it is way too early to cheer Iraq’s victory over ISIS. “The capture of Ramadi isn’t that much a strategic event in and of itself. The fight definitely isn’t over yet,” Sim Tack, director of analytical support and military analyst at Stratfor, told CNBC on Tuesday. “They are still clearing out pockets of the city, there’s going to be a long process before they can call Ramadi secure. And then, there’s still the continuing threat from IS, which still holds Fallujah and other areas in Anbar.” Those sentiments were shared by Iraqi general Ismail al-Mahlawi, head of military operations in Anbar. “The [government] troops only entered the government complex. We can’t say that Ramadi is fully liberated. There are still neighborhoods under their control and there are still pockets of resistance,” he told the Associated Press on Monday, putting the proportion of Ramadi still controlled by militants at 30 percent. ISIS has been known to turn around and quickly retake strongholds. So, while Obama is golfing and patting himself on the back, the rest of us are realistically looking at this knowing that ISIS is still way ahead in the game. One thing is for sure, Obama will stay on vacation as though the world isn’t on fire and people aren’t dying here and across the globe. I’m glad he’s got his priorities straight.

Obama Golf2

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