VIDEO: Lois Lerner Confronted – ‘Will You Apologize for Targeting Conservatives?’

VIDEO: Lois Lerner Confronted – ‘Will You Apologize for Targeting Conservatives?’

How desperate is Lois Lerner to avoid any repercussions for her illegal targeting of conservative Americans? She actually tried to commit (another) crime by breaking into her neighbor’s house in order to avoid answering any questions.


He saw Lois Lerner walking her dog and does what every conservative wishes they could – confront her and demand an apology.

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I started dying when the guy wouldn’t let Lerner in his house. “I wouldn’t let her in my house either.”

Hilarious, brutal, and true. She thinks it’s okay to target conservatives but she shouldn’t be targeted by a taxpayer to ask her some important questions. The fact that she doesn’t say anything is just sweet victory to me. She knows what she did is morally wrong and has, as Jason says, disgraced this country as a public servant.

So when a woman refuses to let her into her home, she refuses to leave and continues to try to get in until the woman’s husband shows up saying he doesn’t want her there. But don’t feel too bad for her — the little criminal still gets to live in a cushy neighborhood with her federal retirement dollars rolling in, and absolutely no punishment whatsoever for using the government to attack people she disagreed with.

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