An SAS Sniper Killed Three ISIS Bombers From 1KM Away Through a 10in Wall

An SAS Sniper Killed Three ISIS Bombers From 1KM Away Through a 10in Wall

ISIS may think that they can escape annihilation by hiding behind civilians — but they shouldn’t get too comfortable with that thought. There are people who can take them out without using bombs or airstrikes.


An SAS sniper killed three Isis bombers from a kilometre away after his bullets passed through a 10inch wall, according to reports.

The marksman took out the three militants in Ramadi in Iraq, in a mission military chiefs claim saved 20 lives.

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It is thought an airstrike was ruled out amid fears of civilian casualties.

A military source told the Daily Star Sunday: ‘The command post was well fortified. They considered an air strike but that would cause too much collateral damage.

‘They looked at a rocket attack but there was the possibility that the blast might cause the building to collapse and intelligence suggested there were civilians being held in the lower storey and in buildings close by.

‘A staff sergeant in charge of one of the SAS teams working with the Iraqis came up with the idea of shooting through the wall.

It’s amazing what a strong military with well-trained troops can accomplish… especially when their hands aren’t being tided behind their backs by an idiotic government.

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