Bank Employees Lose Jobs After Staged ISIS Execution for ‘Team Building Exercise’

Bank Employees Lose Jobs After Staged ISIS Execution for ‘Team Building Exercise’

Why would anyone think that this was apropriate or funny to do at work, and in a bank of all places? Who knows what goes on in the minds of some people is all I can say. ISIS is certainly no laughing matter, and I would have fired their butts so fast it would make your head spin too:


Six employees of the British bank HSBC were fired following the discovery of a video that took things a little too far, according to Mediate.

The Sun reports that the ISIS-themed video was made during a team-building exercise and posted online. It was later deleted, but not before being seen by other HSBC employees.

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The employees who were involved in the video were fired by HSBC and the company offered an apology, via a statement and tweet, according to CNN Money. First the statement:

We do not tolerate inappropriate behaviour.

This isn’t the first time the bank has been in the center of controversy. The Guardian wrote in 2014 that HSBC was among several banks fined for their role in rigging foreign exchange markets. Investopedia notes that in 2013 the bank was caught in a money laundering scandal.

Just plain ugliness. A mockery of all things that people executed by ISIS have died for. Perhaps losing a job will bring that point home for them.

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