**BREAKING** Obama Just Made THIS Announcement About Our Military – Does He Finally See The Light?

We’re in the fourth-quarter of Obama’s Presidential term and he’s finally making a decent play? Better late than never, I suppose.


From Young Conservatives:

President Obama just announced today that he’s approved the deployment of 250 U.S. troops to Syria to fight against the Islamic State.

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Could he possibly be seeing the light and recognizing the only way to stop radical Islamic terror groups as powerful as ISIS is through a solid ground game?

Probably not, but it’s a start.

From Fox News:

Obama made the announcement during a speech in Hannover, Germany at the conclusion of a week-long trip where ISIS was a focus of his meetings with world leaders in Saudi Arabia and Great Britain, as well as Germany.

Obama, touting recent gains against ISIS, said the added troops would help “to keep up this momentum.” The move will bring the number of personnel to roughly 300, up from about 50 special operations forces currently there.

“They’re not going to be leading the fight on the ground, but they will be essential in providing the training and assisting local forces,” Obama said.

Obama revealed his decision a week after Defense Secretary Ash Carter announced that more than 200 U.S. troops soon will be headed to Iraq, where local forces are also battling ISIS militants who control areas of that country.

Senior U.S. officials have been touting the success of the forces in Syria, including their ability to generate critical intelligence that gives the U.S.-led coalition a better view of happenings on the ground, including efforts to target insurgents.

Monday’s announcement capped a trip during which the president advocated diplomacy over military intervention. Asked last week whether he planned to increase special operations forces in Syria, Obama did not answer directly. But he said he’d had discussions with an adviser about options should a fragile cease-fire break down.

“None of the options are good,” he said in the Saudi capital of Riyadh. “It has been my view consistently that we have to get a political solution inside of Syria and that all the external actors involved have to be committed to that as well as the actors inside of Syria. … The sooner we can end fighting and resolve this in a political fashion, the better.”

What the president just can’t seem to get through his head is that political solutions and diplomacy are not viable options when you’re dealing with an enemy that is religiously motivated.

They don’t want land or wealth. The majority of terrorist recruits are well educated young people who have money. They don’t want jobs or economic opportunity.

What they want is world conquest with Sharia law oppressing every living soul on the planet. They will not stop unless they are met with brute force.

Is Obama trying to help Democrats by making it seem like they have what it takes to take on ISIS?

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