DISTURBING: ISIS Jihadi Pictured Posing in Swimming Trunks at Turkish Resort

DISTURBING: ISIS Jihadi Pictured Posing in Swimming Trunks at Turkish Resort

While “posing” in his trunks isn’t the most egregious thing he’s done lately, Pasaliasi Isde should frighten everyone at the Black Seas Resorts where he is assumed to be staying. This ISIS jihadi has been pictured with severed heads and corpses while fighting in Syria. This picture raises concerns of whether another Tunisia beach-style attack is being plotted by ISIS.


From The Daily Mail:

An ISIS jihadi poses for a chilling photo next to holidaymakers on the beach at a resort in Turkey.

Raising fears that that terror group is planning another Tunisia-style beach massacre, jihadist Pasaliasi Isde stood next to unsuspecting holidaymakers at the Black Sea resort of Amasra.

The new photos were posted on Facebook yesterday. Isde also used Facebook to ‘check in’ to a number of beach resorts along the coast in the last fortnight.

One million British holidaymakers visit Turkey every year, the Association of British Travel Agents said today.

Clean-shaven and wearing Western-style clothing, the photographs are in stark contrast to Isde’s activities over the border in Syria in recent months – where he happily posed alongside mutilated corpses and severed heads while fighting under the sinister black banner of the Islamic State.

His Facebook page, which has now been deleted, showed how he promotes extremist propaganda lauding the activities of the Islamic State and urging friends to behead Westerners.

Posing alongside well known jihadis in war torn areas of Syria, a bearded Isde is seen dressed in military fatigues and holding assault rifles alongside the terror group’s chilling black banner.

Images that appear to have been taken on a mobile phone show a row of severed heads of three Syrian regime soldiers, suggesting Isde witnessed or possibly even participated in their murders.

Elsewhere Isde urged his Facebook friends to ‘cut of the heads of the Kuffar [non-believers]’ and issued the stark threat: ‘You are either with us or against us’.

He also celebrated ISIS’ leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi in a series of photographs, leaving viewers with no doubt where his allegiances lie.

Holidaymakers in Turkey he mingled with this week would have been completely oblivious to the depraved mindset of the now clean-shaven, Western-dressed man taking selfies near them as they sat on the beach.

2ACBF9C300000578-3173135-image-m-13_1437731992700The picture itself might not be the most sinister thing on the planet, it might be indicative of a very disturbing plan. We should keep an eye on this.

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