ISIS Has Put A Kill Order On A Texas Imam For Speaking Against Them…But He’s NOT BACKING DOWN!

ISIS Has Put A Kill Order On A Texas Imam For Speaking Against Them…But He’s NOT BACKING DOWN!

A Texas imam is now a fresh target for ISIS after speaking out against the atrocities that the Islamic State savages have committed. This is one man that is standing up and fighting back against those in his own religion…To not stand with him and support him would be a waste of an opportunity of a larger movement that needs to happen.

It’s got to start somewhere…


Muslim cleric Omar Suleiman of the Valley Ranch Islamic Center in the most diverse city in the country, Irving, Texas, has now made himself a very popular target by denouncing Islamic extremism. It’s now so bad, that the Islamic State group has called for fighters to assassinate the man. They want his life so bad, that they specifically sent out a video that features him…

That video is no longer available for viewing on YouTube, as it was taken down due to obvious reasons.

Suleiman has decidedly come out against the Islamic State group and supported certain ideas and tenets that ISIS would want complete control over. His claim is that those barbarians have indeed “hijacked” his religion.

“I believe that their venom needs to be condemned. They’ve hijacked my religion.”


You would think that if ISIS was putting out a contract for his head, that he would attempt to lay low awhile and try to not piss them off…but that’s not how Suleiman operates.

“It makes me that much more determined when I see that hateful groups are increasing in their hatred toward us and trying to delegitimize us. That tells me that we’re doing something right.”

Now that is the kind of Muslim leader we want here in America. He isn’t afraid to point out that there is a wide section of Islam that is truly evil and he also isn’t afraid to take it head on. Alone.

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