ISIS Supporting Muslim Immigrant Spits On And Threatens Texas Cop – He’s The One Crying Now [VIDEO]

ISIS Supporting Muslim Immigrant Spits On And Threatens Texas Cop – He’s The One Crying Now [VIDEO]

So, it turns out that if you’re an ISIS-sympathizer and you spit on a cop, especially a Texas officer, you can expect treatment similar to what this moron received.

For those of you who aren’t terrorists, grab the popcorn. This is some prime entertainment right here.



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When local shop owner saw an Arlington cop face-to-face with a dangerous aggravated assault suspect on Tuesday afternoon, he knew there was little time to waste.

“I got out of the car, and he was on the ground, and a couple of other guys got out,” Ileiwat said. “We just felt like we needed to help the officer.”

The school resource officer was flagged down Tuesday afternoon by some bystanders. They reported a suspect had threatened a woman with a knife.

After the officer finally caught up with the man at a traffic light, the situation grew hostile, and Ileiwat started recording.

“The suspect got out, turned away, and the officer tased him,” he said. “But I only started recording when he got up and started moving toward him really aggressively.”

It was at that point that strangers began moving in and helping the officer place the man, 22 year-old Wahib Sadek Hamed, in handcuffs.

Perhaps even more frightening than the man’s attitude was what he had in his car. According to police they found a shotgun, handgun and an AK-47 along with 200 rounds of ammunition in his vehicle

While it is being reported that he made some remarks about belonging to a terrorist organization, officers have not yet found anything to substantiate his claims.

Watch the video below:

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