ISIS USES WMDs: 600 People Injured as ISIS uses chemical attack

ISIS USES WMDs: 600 People Injured as ISIS uses chemical attack

Things just got really nasty when ISIS used WMD in a gas attack that injured 600 people. To make things almost worse, three suicide bombers were about to detonate themselves, but Kurdish forces caught and annihilated them before detonation. Things almost got worse than a 600 person gas attack.

isis chemical attack

Hundreds of people tried to flee the city, Iraqi officials confirmed, following the terrifying gas attack.

Security and hospital officials say the latest attack took place early today in the small town of Taza, which was also struck by a barrage of rockets carrying chemicals three days earlier.

‘There is fear and panic among the women and children,’ said Adel Hussein, a local official in Taza. ‘They’re calling for the central government to save them.’ Hussein said a German and an American forensics team arrived in the area to test for the presence of chemical agents.

What exactly are they fighting for? Does anyone know anymore? Or has everyone just lost their minds?


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