New Years TERROR Announcement Rocks the Nation – Every American Needs to See This

New Years TERROR Announcement Rocks the Nation – Every American Needs to See This

Islamic terrorists who have been responsible for dozens of high profile terrorist attacks in public places are now issuing a warning to their current target.

ISIS is claiming that they will force an attack in Paris, France on New Year’s Day and it is being promoted using the same online materials that have often accompanied their works. One poster shows the Parisian monument the Arc de Triomphe.

Other posters show scenes from England with messages indicating that these places will also be attacked.

Islamic terrorists with ISIS have relied on digital communications and social media strategies to encourage followers, usually the “lone wolf” types. It appears that they are looking to inspire their followers in France and England to continue previous terrorist attacks, which in the last few years have often included using vehicles to run into crowds at tourist destinations and to start killing people on foot. The same tactic was recently used in Lower Manhattan on Halloween of this year, where a terrorist drove through a bike path, then exited his vehicle to continue to murder people.

There are more posters that further indicate that New York will continue to be a major target.

ISIS relies on their propaganda group, the Wafa Media Foundation, to help them to produce these threats and “should be taken seriously” despite their recent losses in Iraq and Syria, according to the SITE Intelligence Group that provides translations and tracking on ISIS propaganda.

When a terrorist incident took place in Paris two years ago, a band member playing the concert hall, the Bataclan, later blamed the mentality of liberals for the attacks, which killed 89 people who were attending the concert for his band, the Eagles of Death Metal. The band member, Jesse Hughes, said that Muslims booed a moment of silence held at the venue but it never made it to the press coverage and he saw Muslims celebrating in the streets while the attack was ongoing.

Last year a Jihadi drove  a truck into a Christmas Market in Germany, killing 12 people. After the killings and during the manhunt for Anis Amri, a Green Party bureaucrat named Till Steffen waffled on releasing the photos they had of the killer because he did not want to incite racial hatred. So, while the police were able to release a verbal description, they were unable to give the public at large a photo because of Islamophobia. Police claimed it had to do with privacy concerns, but insiders said that’s a lie. Amri’s photo was kept from the public for a full 12 hours and he was later killed by Italian police.

Margaret M.

Internet Specialist at Warfare Media.

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