New Zealand Politician: Send Male Syrian Refugees Back to Fight ISIS

New Zealand Politician: Send Male Syrian Refugees Back to Fight ISIS

The Syrian refugee crisis is affecting countries all over the world, and the question has become, how should various governments handle the influx of refugees seeking sanctuary? One New Zealand politician has an interesting proposition: accept the women and children, but send the men back to fight ISIS.

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New Zealand First political leader Winston Peters suggested his country accept only women and children refugees from Syria and send the men back to fight ISIS.

Peters said if New Zealand was going to fight for their freedom then some of the men ought to go back home and fight for their own country’s freedom too.

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Zee News reported, via Religion of Peace:

A top New Zealand official on Tuesday suggested that New Zealand only accept women and children as refugees and send the men back to fight against the Islamic State (IS) terror group.

New Zealand First leader Winston Peters said if immigration numbers were tightened, the country could accept more refugees, Radio New Zealand reported.

“And if we`re going to do it, let`s bring the women and children and tell some of the men to go back and fight for their own country`s freedom, like we are,” he said.

On Monday, the government said it will take in an additional 600 Syrians in the next two-and-a-half years, at a cost of nearly 49 million New Zealand dollars (US$30 million).

Prime Minister John Key said the emergency intake would stretch the country`s refugee services.

He makes a good point: Syrians are begging for western militaries to come and drive out ISIS for them, but should they not also be fighting for their own freedom? If western governments are expected to break their backs accommodating Syrian refugees, then why should the men not be expected to help contribute to the fight against ISIS?

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