Pro-ISIS Hacking Crew Threatens Attacks on U.S. – They Have ‘Info’ On American Leaders, But Won’t Say Who

Pro-ISIS Hacking Crew Threatens Attacks on U.S. – They Have ‘Info’ On American Leaders, But Won’t Say Who

Members of the extremist group Islamic State threatened more cyber warfare attacks against the US and Europe in a video released Monday. However, most people are laughing at rather than being intimidated by this rather desperate video:

IsishackerSocial media reports from those friendly to ISIS had announced earlier in the day that they were going to release a ‘Message to America’.

After the group’s self-proclaimed 2pm EST deadline, it reportedly released a video saying that they had hacked into websites of ‘the American leadership’ though no politicians or influential individuals were named.

The video begins by showing instances of previous successful hacks on US authorities by the so-called Cyber Caliphate, including January’s takeover of Central Command’s Twitter account in which an ‘I love you ISIS banner’ was posted.

Monday’s message came from a group called Islamic State’s Defenders in the Internet.

Addressed to ‘servants of the cross’, a still image of a hooded figure is shown sitting at a table as a voice speaks in Arabic.

‘The electronic war has not yet begun,’ the voice claiming to be from Islamic State says in the 3:36 video.

It also claims to have hacked the website of an unidentified Australian airport and ‘many other websites’.

There is no evidence that the group has any real connection to leaders of the radical movement that controls parts of Syria and Iraq.

‘Your security information is in our hands,’ the speaker continues, saying that they ‘observe all the movements you are doing from your devices’.

The purported ISIS member said that they extremists had overcome a US security push against the jihadi hackers.

President Barack Obama created an office dedicated to responding to cyber threats last month, according to the International Business Times.

‘Soon you won’t have any control over the Internet,’ the video shows in poorly-translated English subtitles, ‘you will see how we control your electronic world’.

The Cyber Caliphate group also posted the names, photos of addresses of US military members earlier this year.

Officials later said that much of the information was available on social media.

The hackers called for lone wolf attacks similar to the planned assault on a Texas anti-Muslim event that was stopped by police who killed two gunmen

Pretty pathetic attempt to grab some free publicity for ISIS. Or something. These fools are sorry anyways, and the lame grabs they make to look like badasses just expose them for the dundering fools that they are.

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