U.S. Issued a Serious Warning: “In the Next Six Months They Will… Carry Out an Attack” [VIDEO]

U.S. Issued a Serious Warning: “In the Next Six Months They Will… Carry Out an Attack” [VIDEO]


Most of the Middle East wants to annihilate Israel and for the most part, they’ve been able to defend themselves well. But ISIS is a new player on the scene — and it looks like they’re planning a major attack against Israel soon.

Wilayat Sinai is the ISIS affiliate in the Sinai desert and they have been stealing armored vehicles and anti-tank missiles from the Egyptian military. A senior Israeli defense official reported that the group is known to have commandeered an Egyptian M60 battle tank, as well as a large number of Russian Kornet missiles. Kornet missiles can strike targets up to three miles away.


The Israeli military officer believes that the weapons will be used to target Israel. “It could happen today, tomorrow, in a month but within the next six months we will come into an engagement with Wilayat Sinai,” he said. “In the next six months they will try to carry out an attack and try to do something against Israel.”

It has been four years since Israel has had an attack on their southern border. In 2012, Egyptian terrorists launched multiple attacks, with the worst attack taking place in August of 2012. Jihadists took over an Egyptian military base, murdering 16 police officers before stealing two armored vehicles and attempting to break through the Kerem Shalom border checkpoint. One of the vehicles exploded, but the other managed to get past the Israeli troops, driving towards a nearby kibbutz to carry out a terrorist attack.

The Israeli Air Force had to carry out an airstrike within its own borders to stop the armored vehicle before it could harm any civilians.

During this attack, Wilayat Sinai was known as Ansar Beit al-Maqdis, the Supporters of Jerusalem, and their allegiance was to Al Qaeda. But in 2014, they pledged their loyalty to ISIS instead, changing their name to Wilayat Sinai, meaning the Sinai province of the Islamic state. They were the group responsible for the bombing of the Russian Metrojet in October of 2015, killing all 224 people on board.

And Israeli officials believe the group is stronger and better equipped than they were a year ago.

Zack Gold, a non-resident fellow with the Atlantic Council’s Hariri Centre, spoke about the possibility of an attack and said that the fear for Israel is that Jihadists will conduct a cross-border raid where innocent Israelis are captured and brought back over the border into Egypt. Israel would be forced to either launch a rescue mission or conduct retaliatory attacks and Egypt might not cooperate. “Either ways it would be very bad for relations and you would probably see protests in Cairo if there was an Israeli operation in the Sinai,” Gold said.

Last month, ISIS threatened attacks against Israel in an online video.

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