VIDEO: Brits Use a Javelin Anti-Tank Missile to Take Out a Speeding ‘Mad-Max-Style’ ISIS Car Bomb

VIDEO: Brits Use a Javelin Anti-Tank Missile to Take Out a Speeding ‘Mad-Max-Style’ ISIS Car Bomb

ISIS thought they were going to be celebrating a big success with a car bomb racing through the desert towards Western troops. Instead, British troops took them out with a Javelin anti-tank missile.


From the Daily Mail:

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Western special forces soldiers were involved in a Javelin anti-tank missile launch that took out an ISIS car-bomb in Syria, footage has revealed.

Images show a ‘Mad-Max style’ car racing towards its target before being struck by the missile.

The dramatic video was captured by broadcaster France 24.

The broadcaster said about a dozen British, American and French soldiers were involved in the missile launch.

The footage shows the soldiers in military clothing arranging airstrikes from American A-10 tankbuster warplanes, reported The Times.

The Ministry of Defence did not comment on the footage in line with government policy of not discussing special forces operations.

The video shows the car – resembling those in apocalyptic action film Mad Max – careering through the desert at high speed.

The missile hits it, making the vehicle explode in a huge fireball of black smoke.

Kurdish troops then can be heard whooping and cheering as they celebrate their success – but the video reveals that a coalition of reportedly British, American and French forces were the ones who launched the strike.

ISIS can’t possibly defeat Western militaries with their superior training and equipment. It’s only a matter of time before they’re completely obliterated.

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