VIDEO: Russia Turns an ISIS 170 Oil Tanker Convoy Into Burning Wreckage

VIDEO: Russia Turns an ISIS 170 Oil Tanker Convoy Into Burning Wreckage

Thanks to Russia, ISIS just had a really bad day. One of their airstrikes just took out a massive oil tanker convoy with 170 vehicles.

russia oil tanker convoy

Russian warplanes traced and targeted a long convoy of ISIL’s oil tankers near the Syrian border with Turkey, sources said on Saturday.

A 170-tanker column of ISIL came under the massive strike of the Russian bombers as they were approaching the border with Turkey, sources said.

“All the tankers were destroyed in the Russian warplanes’ airstrike,” the sources added, and continued, “Scores of ISIL terrorists accompanying the convoy were also killed or wounded in the air attack.”

Reports said earlier today that Turkey has refused US demands to stop oil smuggling and close the part of the border with Syria which is controlled by ISIL militants.

Ankara said that it is impossible to close the border and ISIL (Daesh) terrorists may boost their forces in response, according to the Hurriyet Daily News.

… The Russian Defense Ministry provided evidence of Turkey buying and transporting illegal oil, including images of oil-carrying tank trucks near the border. The ministry claimed Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan and his family are involved in selling illegal oil.

Thank goodness that at least someone out there is willing to do what is necessary to get rid of this plague. It’s just sad that the country that used to be the strongest country in the world isn’t the one to do this, thanks to our completely emasculated and totally useless Dear Leader.

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