WTH? UK To Give ISIS Taxpayer Paid ‘Free’ Housing And Counseling If They Promise Not To Kill

WTH? UK To Give ISIS Taxpayer Paid ‘Free’ Housing And Counseling If They Promise Not To Kill

While most of us are still talking about the deadly terrorist attack that took place yesterday in lower Manhattan, when an Allah Akbar-shouting assailant killed eight people by running them over with a rented truck, our friends in the United Kingdom are bending over backwards to placate ISIS militants who have gotten tired of fighting and have come back “home” to England.

A new program due to start next year, code-named Operation Constrain, will offer homes covered by the taxpayer. British media is reporting that up to 20,000 people who have been identified as Islamic extremists who have been investigated by authorities in the past will be offered bribes to get them to settle down as nice Englishmen instead of mean, beheading Jihadis.

The operation will be paid for under the UK’s counter-terrorism budget, which is over £900 million, or almost 1.2 billion USD. A conservative Member of Parliament, Andrew Bridgen, said that it sounds “like a reward for being on a list of potential terrorists. You can’t buy people’s loyalty to this country.”

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A terrorism expert at Buckingham University echoed the sentiment. Prof. Anthony Glees said that “You can’t bribe people not to be terrorists.”

To me, it sounds like more of a great way to literally feed and house the people who are working very hard to destroy your country. The enemy is already inside the gate and the English are having them over for dinner. Appeasement didn’t work the last time, either. Try giving your kid a new cell phone and extra money every time he misbehaves, and see how well that works out for you.

Last week we wrote about the “Millionaire Muslim,” a welfare leech who has been living on the taxpayers’ dime in Australia for the past 18 years, despite having a husband whose contracting business could clear a million dollars every year. Their marriage was never formally recognized and she was only sussed out by authorities when they noticed that her husband’s businesses were registered to her taxpayer-funded flat. So far, it looks like she has no intention of paying that money back.

Tommy Robinson, the British co-founder of the English Defence League, talks a lot about how Muslims treat the westernized parts of the world under a whole different set of rules. The Dar a-Harb, the “house of War,” also known as the “Realm of the Heathens,” is a place where Islamic law has no power and where good Islamists are able to lie to authorities in order to deplete them.

Margaret M.

Internet Specialist at Warfare Media.

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