800 Years Ago We Were Warned About ISLAM – Now This Warning Is Even MORE Relevant

800 Years Ago We Were Warned About ISLAM – Now This Warning Is Even MORE Relevant

Have you heard of Thomas Aquinas? If not, then let me introduce you briefly to the man who warned society about the piggish, barbaric culture of Islam 800 years ago. What’s scary is that his prophecies remain true today because it’s clear that Muslims have yet to acclimate themselves to a civilized behavior.


The 13th-century scholar Thomas Aquinas, regarded as one of the most eminent medieval philosophers and theologians, offered a biting critique of Islam based in large part on the questionable character and methods of its founder, Mohammed.

According to Aquinas, Islam appealed to ignorant, brutish, carnal men and spread not by the power of its arguments or divine grace but by the power of the sword.

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Aquinas, a keen observer of the human condition, was familiar with the chief works of the Muslim philosophers of his day–including Avicenna, Algazel, and Averroes–and engaged them in his writings.

Since Islam was founded and spread in the seventh century, Aquinas—considered by Catholics as a saint and doctor of the Church—lived in a period closer to that of Mohammed than to our own day.

In one of his most significant works, the voluminous Summa contra gentiles, which Aquinas wrote between 1258 and 1264 AD, the scholar argued for the truth of Christianity against other belief systems, including Islam.

Does any of this resemble any of what we see today?

How do the images below make you feel?

isis-and-hamas islamic-terrorism

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