Ahmed the Clock Boy Is Suing Everyone in Sight

Ahmed the Clock Boy Is Suing Everyone in Sight

The 15 minutes of fame Ahmed Mohamed (a.k.a. Ahmed the Clock Boy) earned by bringing a fake bomb to school have expired, but he and his Islamic activist father are still attempting to milk his brief stint in the limelight for financial profit:

Now, Ahmed’s father is suing multiple media companies and personalities for defamation, including The Blaze, Glenn Beck, Center for Security Policy, Fox Television Stations, LLC, Ben Ferguson, and Beth Van Duyne, as well as [Daily Wire editor-in-chief Ben] Shapiro.

Clock Boy did not make his eponymous clock but rather disemboweled it and repurposed it as a fake bomb for propaganda purposes, likely with close guidance from his father and certainly with slavish support from Obama and the liberal media. Anyone who publicly acknowledged this is now subject to be sued.

This is not the Mohamed family’s only ongoing lawsuit; they’ve also sued the city of Irving and the school district for some $15 million and apologies.

Earlier, Ahmed and his clan left America for shariah-compliant Qatar, presumably because he could no longer endure our narrow-minded Islamophobia. Yet here they are back again, hands out, palm up — playing straight into the entitled Third World immigrant and cry bully Muslim stereotypes.


On tips from Stormfax and Jester. Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

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