Ahmed the Clock Boy’s Suit Against Conservatives Thrown Out of Court

Ahmed the Clock Boy’s Suit Against Conservatives Thrown Out of Court

Young Ahmed Mohamed won the hearts of moonbats everywhere when, most likely put up to it by his Islamic activist father, he terrorized his school by showing up with a fake bomb, thereby proving that America is Islamophobic. Barack Obama and his ilk seized on the opportunity to make a pageant of their preference for Islam over its victims by showering Ahmed with honors and gifts. But now it seems Ahmed’s gravy train has reached the end of the line:

A Texas judge has dismissed a defamation lawsuit filed last year by the father of “Clock Boy” Ahmed Mohamed against several conservatives.

Dallas County district court judge Maricela Moore dismissed the suit on Monday, announced the Center for Security Policy (CSP), one of the defendants in the case.

Mohamed Mohamed, “Clock Boy’s” father, filed the suit in September against CSP, its executive vice president, The Blaze, Inc., its founder Glenn Beck, Fox News, and several conservative pundits, including Ben Ferguson and Ben Shapiro, all of whom criticized his son.

The supposed defamation mainly consisted of pointing out the obvious: that Ahmed did not make a clock as the liberal media claimed, but rather made a preexisting clock into a phony bomb, and the consequences of bringing it to school were exactly what he intended.

The incident is a textbook application of the crybully tactics Muslims excel at when they are in the minority. This is why you see so many Muslims on the Hate Hoax List.

The case was laughed out of court when Ahmed the Clock Boy’s lawyer was unable to produce for the judge any factual support for the claim that the defendants had defamed her client.

The Clock Boy clan still has a suit pending against the Irving, Texas school district. When that is shot down, his disgraceful 15 minutes will have elapsed.

Ahmed Clock Boy
Ahmed may have to make do with the booty he has already acquired.

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