Banning Burkinis

Banning Burkinis

Fortunately, government always has a solution for the problems it creates. Unfortunately, that solution is always coercion and it rarely works. For example, the moonbats running Europe have imported vast hordes of largely unassimilable Muslim colonists. Predictable problems have resulted. Here is a predictable response:

A village mayor in Corsica has banned full-body swimsuits known as “burkinis” after a beach brawl between families of North African descent and local youths.

The ban was imposed at a special council session on Sunday in Sisco amid tensions over the brawl, in which five people were hurt.

Authorities in Cannes and Villeneuve-Loubet, on the French Riviera, also banned Islamic burkinis this month.

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Witnesses say hatchets and harpoons were used in the Sisco beach brawl.

The five injured on Saturday were later discharged from hospital, but tensions are simmering in the area.

Banning the accoutrements of Islam is not going to prevent violence. It will only give Muslims another excuse to feel aggrieved. This is an immigration issue, not a beach attire issue.

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