BUSTED! All Girls Islamic School Outed For Teaching To Beat Women & Kill Gays [VIDEO]

BUSTED! All Girls Islamic School Outed For Teaching To Beat Women & Kill Gays [VIDEO]

An Islamic boarding school in Nottingham has come under fire after authorities found out what the curriculum consisted of. The all-girls school was exposed after a former student, Aliyah Saleem, blew the whistle on the ideology that students were being indoctrinated with. And it will send chills down your spine.


According to Saleem, the school, called Jamia Al Hudaa, taught that gay people should be killed and that men could beat women. Saleem was expelled from the school after she was caught with a disposable camera, which evidently is an unforgivable sin to the school officials. It was then that Saleem decided to speak out.

Saleem says that students were not taught any core subjects, like geography, history or music. Instead, students were brainwashed with extremist Islamic ideology. In addition to teaching that gay men should be given death sentences and that men could beat their wives, the school taught that Jews and Christians make Allah angry.

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While Saleem had reported the school’s abuses to Ofsted, the Office for Standards in Education, Children’s Services and Skills and did an expose in a national newspaper, initially no action was taken. It is only now, five years after Saleem was expelled, that the school faces closure.

Ofsted finally did an investigation and found that there were “inadequacies” in keeping students safe, instances of bullying and untrained staff. They ordered the school to close its residential program and as 85% of the students are boarders, this means the school will effectively close.

In addition to Saleem’s claims, Ofsted found that the school does not “promote balanced views” and allows students to access books written by authors who are banned from entering the United Kingdom. The school responded to the allegations with a spokesperson saying, “The school takes all points relating to safeguarding as serious … and has policies and extensive risk assessments in place to promote British values.”

The curriculum was so lacking at the school, however, that Saleem claims that she did not know about World War I or World War II until after she left. “The worst thing about the school was the national curriculum, it was restricted in every way possible,” she said. “We were taught English and science but we were not taught about evolution or sex education. I had to teach myself evolution at 20.”

And while Saleem is pleased that the first steps have been taken to shut this school down, she is concerned that they don’t go far enough. “It is obvious that for too long the Government has stood by and ignored the utterly appalling imposition of conservative religious ideologies on British school children,” she insisted. “Just because independent schools are funded by parents and charities, it’s not that those children do not matter.”

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