Court OK with Muslim Man Kicking Woman in Face for Wearing Shorts [VIDEO]

Court OK with Muslim Man Kicking Woman in Face for Wearing Shorts [VIDEO]


Sharia law is one of the greatest evils of mankind and women are overwhelmingly the subject of this evil. Yet somehow, so-called “feminists” turn a completely blind eye to it. Women can be oppressed and victimized with not even a peep about the injustice of it all. The latest example that will surely not bother today’s feminists comes out of Turkey, where a woman was kicked in the face by a man for committing the crime of wearing shorts. The kicker is that a Turkish court declared that he had done nothing wrong.

23 year-old Ayşegül Terzi works as a nurse in Istanbul and she was riding a bus when her attire caused a Muslim man on board to fly into a rage. So, he did what comes naturally — for Muslim men who follow Sharia law anyway. He violently attacked her, kicking her in the face while screaming, “Those wearing shorts must die!”


Three other men tried to step in and stop the attack. The entire brouhaha was also caught on camera. The 35 year-old man responsible was caught and he confessed to everything. He admitted to police that he attacked the woman, saying, “The shorts she was wearing were not appropriate. That’s why I was angry and behaved so.”

Insanely, the Turkish court agreed with him. He was released when the court found that he had done nothing wrong. And while American pretend feminists couldn’t care less about the plight of Turkish women who live in fear and oppression, actual feminists in Turkey have been speaking out about the violence against women. Hundreds of women are killed every year, many times by their husbands.

But of course, why should anyone worry about things like spontaneous violent attacks because of the clothes women are wearing, or the systemic abuse and even murder of wives by their husbands? Clearly, that’s not real oppression. Real oppression is what women in the United States go through, because they have to wait a day or two before they can get an abortion and they have to pay for it themselves. And sometimes, on college campuses, people say things that women don’t like. Why is everyone so worried about Muslim women when it’s American women that have the real problems… right, feminists?

This is why modern feminism is such a joke. These harpies whine about utterly inconsequential garbage, while actual women are suffering. They should really be ashamed.

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