CULTURAL DECLINE: Burger King Is Bowing To Sharia Law

It’s interesting to watch Western corporations, the pinnacle institutions of Western civilization who thrive atop the foundations of that civilization, bend and twist in an effort to placate those people who see themselves as enemies of Western civilization.

For example, here is Burger King making a corporate acquisition in an effort to penetrate the French market, and promptly surrendering its identity to the whims of French Muslims…

According to the The Local, the popular American fast food chain has engulfed over 400 Quick chain outlets in France in a major business transaction. While still keeping the Quick brand on 40 restaurants, those outlets will now serve 100 percent halal meat.

What this also means is that bacon and chicken will no longer be displayed on the menus nor served in the remaining Quick locations.

Many are aware of the global giant that McDonald’s is, with 1,300 locations in France. The Local also reported that this is a move by Burger King to increase revenue and prominence among the abundance of golden arches.

More than 19,000 people are employed at Quick chains and more than $820 million of the $1.2 billion Quick took to the bank last year came from the French market. This crafty business acquisition moved Burger King from 30 stores in France to over 400.

The finalization of the procurement by Burger King France will be done by the shareholders, Groupe Bertrand, in the coming weeks. I presume putting one’s money over morality is a priority in these worldwide business operations.

In the wake of the Paris attacks and the French people having had their fill of militant Islam and Third World immigration, with the mainstream political parties making a show of cracking down, offering itself up as a politically correct and subservient marketplace dhimmi wouldn’t seem to be the smartest move.

But that’s what Burger King is doing. Call it the sharia version of the Proud Whopper if you like. We’re gravitating to burger joints more locally owned and less infused with the vapid corporate mentality.

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