Father Goes Ballistic When He Sees That His Girl Didn’t Cover Her Head

Father Goes Ballistic When He Sees That His Girl Didn’t Cover Her Head

Another sun sets and another senseless crime happens where a Muslim man prehistorically murdered his own 4 year-old child. His name is Jafar Hussain and he “allegedly” was angry that his daughter didn’t cover her head at the table.  The girl was enjoying lunch with her mother, but Hussain noticed the young and innocent girl’s head was not covered. The man instructed the wife to take care of it, but the headpiece slipped and the small girl’s head was again uncovered. The man picked her up and bashed her head in on the ground in a fit of uncivilized Muslim anger. She died nearly instantly at the hands of another murderous Islamic maniac.

It gets worse. To add insult to her horrible death, the man instructed the woman to bury the child INSIDE the house.

It was then that the mother thankfully betrayed the man and called the police. Her poor girl, destroyed and gone, all because of this violent Muslim man and his sick way of dealing with things.

A Muslim father in India reportedly killed his daughter for not covering her head.

Jafar Hussain allegedly killed his 4-year-old daughter after she failed to cover her head at the dinner table. The girl was reportedly having lunch with her mother at the time, and the father noticed she didn’t have her head covered.

Hussain instructed his wife to cover their daughter’s head, but the scarf slipped off of her head, reportedly prompting him to pick her up and throw her on the ground, killing her instantly.

According to the Kolkata Post, the mother informed the police after Hussain instructed her to bury the girl inside the house, Gateway Pundit reported, citing the Kolkata Post.

This is the reason people are up in arms about refugees coming to America. The Islamic religion is twisted. There’s plenty of amazing people in America who are not like this, but some of the one’s coming over are seriously uncivilized. The Muslim religion is well known to be violent and oppressive towards women. If you saw a child with her head dress off, then a normal person would help her put it back on. She’s 4 years-old, she barely knows any better. To pick your child up and bash them on the floor, killing them instantly, means you’re a horrible person and a slow burning electric chair seems like the only suitable punishment.

Americans already deal with enough criminals and losers on a daily basis, so to invite Muslim migrant refugees to the country means to invite more violence. Do we want to call this the United States of Chicago? I don’t think so. Do we want to invite uncivilized people who force their women to dress head to toe in 100 degree weather, then kill their own family over every little thing? Nope.

We want well mannered, nice, hard working people in our America. Not the slimy uncivilized violence that comes from the horrors of the world.

Give us liberty and amazing people, nothing less.

America deserves better. Muslim women deserve better too. They don’t deserve to be scarfed up and oppressed their entire life.

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