Judge Jeanine’s Brutal Question to Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney

Judge Jeanine’s Brutal Question to Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney

A Muslim man ambushed and attempted to execute a Philadelphia police officer, then admitted that he committed the crime in the name of Islam. Philly Mayor Jim Kenney then stated, after the confession, that the crime had nothing to do with Islam.

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“The man is wearing Muslim garb, he has sworn allegiance to ISIS, he told the cops he did it for Allah and ISIS,” she said.

“Are you stupid?”

Jim Kenney irritated almost the entire city of Philadelphia when his ridiculous thought process thwarted all intelligence and he spouted words touting gun control and that this crime was not in any connection to Islam. Everyone knows that every religion has a few bad apples, but the criminal confessed and sternly stated that this crime WAS for Islam. Police Commissioner Ross (middle in above picture) stated a more accurate and respectable response.
Judge Jeanine Pirro is not happy with Mayor Kenney and his attempt to brown nose Obama and the indignant gun control antics.
Philadelphia Mayor Kenney had a rough first week in office.

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